Announcing the National Mentoring Conference 2020

The UK's first National Mentoring Conference is taking place in June 2020. Find out all about it and how you can attend.

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PushFar are delighted to announce, in partnership with NatWest and Goal 17, the UK’s very first National Mentoring Conference, on June 5th 2020. The conference will bring together world leading experts in mentoring, to share with senior leaders from some of the UK’s biggest companies, how effective mentors can help transform organisations.

The conference will be hosted in NatWest’s exclusive Bishopsgate event venue, and the day will be free for over 150 company directors and senior leaders. Over the next few months, we will be announcing speakers, the agenda and further partnerships, to make this day a truly outstanding one.

Of the conference, PushFar CEO, Ed Johnson said:

“I am thrilled this has come together. The value in mentoring is massive and organisations are beginning to wake-up to its importance, with real investment going into making sure it is happening. This conference is going to be the perfect space for everyone to get together, share thoughts, ideas, strategies and plans around mentoring, to ultimately make sure mentoring is working as best it can, for everyone. This fantastic partnership with Goal 17 and NatWest for the conference puts us in a brilliant position to really fly the flag for mentoring.”

If your organisation is already running mentoring programmes and schemes, or you would like to explore setting one up, then this event will give you the knowledge and ability to establish a mentoring culture that connects people to become the carriers of change and progress. Bookings are open now at

We can’t wait to see you all there!
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