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PushFar's platform helps people and organisations to thrive in mentoring. We setup streamlined, cost-effective and resource-efficient mentoring programmes and schemes in minutes.

PushFar's mentoring software takes care of everything; match, manage and report on effective mentoring schemes and programmes.

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Mentor Matching
1. Mentor Matching
Matching is a fine art. Our technology recommends the best mentor matches for an individual, based on a wealth of data, insights and machine learning.
Mentor Management
2. Mentor Management
Staying on top of mentoring goals, meetings, objectives and feedback can be tricky - with PushFar's intelligent reminders, tools and mobile apps too, it's a breeze.
Mentor Reporting
3. Mentor Reporting
Struggling to understand the impact of mentoring? Our mentoring reports track activity and engagement, all whilst maintaining mentoring confidentialities.
Career Progression
4. Career Progression
Above and beyond mentoring, our platform offers a wealth of additional career progression tools, such as event recommendations and organisational conversation feeds.

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We work with a diverse and exciting range of well-known, progressive organisations, to offer a quick, effective and impactful way to run mentoring schemes through our mentoring software, training and technology.
"PushFar's platform offered WaterAid with an innovative, fresh and resource-effective way to manage mentoring. The platform matched our employees based on a range of criteria, and gave us full visibility of mentoring activity across mentoring relationships. For organisations looking to take mentoring to the next level, I would highly recommend PushFar as a partner." - Chris Boorman, Global Talent Manager, WaterAid
"PushFar worked with Frontier Economics to produce engaging and innovative videos to support the firm’s mentors and mentees. PushFar teams combined their technical expertise alongside their passion for mentoring to help us create visually engaging and accessible on-line resources for our people."
- Kat Deyes, Associate Director, Frontier Economics

Just Some of PushFar's Platform Features

PushFar's mentoring software is fully customisable, easy-to-use, scalable, cost-effective, secure and so much more. We work closely with our clients to ensure our platform is aligned and continually evolve, releasing new updates and features every week.
PushFar's platform also offers mentor meeting scheduling, intelligent reminders to sustain mentoring engagement, mentor goal tracking and much more. For a full list of our technology's features, schedule a demo today.
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Why Mentoring?

Here are just some of the reasons why you should be offering mentoring schemes in your organisation.
Shared Knowledge & Development
Shared Knowledge & Development
Mentoring is a fantastic way to unlock knowledge in your organisation, help to share it and allow individuals to thrive and grow. Still using external coaches? Use mentoring and see how cost-effective it can be.
Improved Employee Retention
Improved Employee Retention
We all know the statistics - a significant proportion of individuals leave an organisation because of their leaders. Give your employees access to a mentor, another channel of communication and support and increase employee retention.
Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity & Inclusion
Running diversity and inclusion initiatives in your organisation? One of the best ways to take them from conceptual groups to effective and empowering communities is through mentoring. Link mentoring to your inclusion initiatives today.
Leadership & Career Progression
Leadership & Career Progression
Looking at the best first-step on the management ladder? Why not test out potential managers as mentors first. Mentoring is both an empowering and effective career progression opportunity for everyone. Allow everyone to shine, with mentoring.

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Did you know? It's not just our incredible mentoring platform that we offer. PushFar can help you with all things mentoring and coaching - from mentoring training and workshops, through to mentoring guidelines, video tutorials and much more. We live and breathe mentoring.

Meet our CEO...

Introducing our CEO and Co-Founder, Ed Johnson, who explains more about how PushFar's mentoring software and career progression platform works. With everything from mentor training and coaching, to onboarding, setup and management of mentoring schemes in an ongoing basis. Find out more about what makes PushFar a world-leader in the mentoring space.

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