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PushFar has collated a wide array of virtual free group mentoring sessions on a range of topics from sales and marketing through to technology, learning and soft-skills, all to help you in the working world. Join one of our small group mentoring sessions.

Group Mentoring Sessions

An Introduction

We are now offering regular, virtual group mentoring sessions, completely free of charge!

These sessions will be focused on different topics or skills in demand, and hosted by experienced mentors with a wealth and variety of knowledge. Anyone, globally, is welcome to attend. You can view all our upcoming sessions below, including details on the agenda, mentor and number of spaces on the session. These sessions are currently limited to 8 spaces only per sesson, to ensure you are ready to actively participate within the session, and have a thorough read through of the agenda/topic prior to signing up. You can view more details of the session after clicking Sign Up.

Upcoming Group Mentoring Sessions

Below are details of our upcoming sessions. Interested in hosting one? Email
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Building Brands (60 Mins) 🎨
Date/Time: 5 Sep 2022 at 1pm UK time
Hosted by: Gerald Lee
Your host's intro and overview of the session:
Gerald is an aspiring Amazon best-selling Author of 4 self-help and motivational books. All his books were written based on his career experience and life journey. He is also an engaging International Speaker; and a Certified Master Coach and Trainer, specializing in creating long-lasting Positive Impact in people's lives. He is proud to have enriched the lives of thousands from multiple countries with audiences ranging from students to corporate professionals. As a Certified Mentor at FutureLab Malaysia and GrowthX Academy Asia, he has had the opportunity to mentor independent business owners, and participants from both small-to-medium enterprises and multinational corporations.
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Project Management - Getting Started (60 Mins) 📈
Date/Time: 3 Oct 2022 at 11am UK time
Hosted by: Dinesh Sabnani
Your host's intro and overview of the session:
Interested in a career in project management? Here you will get to know the basics of the role, and how to get started! Dinesh Sabnani is a Senior Project Manager and Agile Coach. They stand as a Project Management Evangelist for communities, and are on a mission to help corporate professional make their next career move to Project Management.
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Master your Mentoring Relationship (60 Mins) 🤝
Date/Time: 4 Nov 2022 at 12.30pm UK time
Hosted by: Simon Brown
Your host's intro and overview of the session:
Why mentoring pairs need the 'boring' stuff: Goals, agendas and regular meeting routines.The difference between a friendly chat and personal development for both mentee and mentee. Why the mentee needs to drive the process and what they can do to prepare before the meetings.
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Customer Success as a Career (60 Mins) 🎉
Date/Time: 5 Dec 2022 at 2pm UK time
Hosted by: Holly Baker
Your host's intro and overview of the session:
Looking to progress within Customer Success? Or just dipping your toe in the water in curiousity? In this group mentoring session we will cover essential skills and development within customer success, including team management.

Holly has over ten years within Customer Service and Success within the Leisure and Property Marketing industry. Has has a BA (Hons) in English Language from UKC and qualified 120 hrs in TEFL. Currently working as the Head of Customer Success at Pushfar, her professional experience lies in time management, upskilling, job hunting/interview skills, complaint handling, career progression and productivity - with knowledge of several applications/databases and CRMs. Previously managing a team of 8 within different departments in a very fast paced property marketing company, she is well versed in team management. Other skills include an experienced and qualified PT as well as 3x Marathon runner and dog mum.
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