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With a lot of emphasis being focused on the need to increasingly help employees with career progression, mentoring and engagement, HR directors and learning and development managers are now looking to technology help. PushFar is a world-leading technology solution. Our mentoring technologies and software are being used by thousands of individuals and organisations, globally, and our solutions are helping students, professionals, organisations, charities and companies alike, every single day. Want to see a demo? Click here.
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PushFar is unlike any other platform or solution in existence. We offer both an open mentoring platform where individuals from all backgrounds, skillsets, experience levels and locations can join and can tie that in with closed-network instances of our same technology and software for organisations. Our cloud-based mentoring platform and mobile applications offer mentor and mentee matching, mentor relationship management, mentor task tracking, mentor effectiveness reporting, career progression suggestions and much more too. Simply put, we have mentoring covered and are leading the way in mentoring innovation and effectiveness.
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As well as being an open mentoring platform, our solution can help companies and organisations with mentoring too. Within our open platform, companies and organisations can have closed-off silos, whereby providing the same mentoring software, technologies and platform to their employees internally. Furthermore, HR directors and managers can choose whether to offer the mentoring as an ‘internal-only’ solution for employees or open up certain channels to mentor those outside an organisation, such as students or recent graduates.

Why might a company want to have their employees mentoring students or external professionals? Well, with recruitment becoming more and more competitive and the emphasis and focus being put on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), mentoring is one way that you can improve both of these aspects. By having employees mentoring students and recent graduates you are both ticking the CSR boxes and opening up additional channels for recruitment potential too.
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PushFar is focused on the future. As well as mentor matching, mentor management and mentor reporting, we have also looked at additional ways in which we can help individuals with their career progression. Whether through professional networking, upskilling, seminars, events or job opportunities, PushFar displays the most relevant and highly-personalised recommendations every day. Furthermore, our mentoring technology and platform use the latest in data-science and machine learning, to continually improve mentor matching.

We understand how resource heavy it can be to match mentors within an organisation. Furthermore, keeping track of mentoring relationships, measuring mentoring effectiveness and sustaining momentum within a mentoring programme can be even more challenging. PushFar takes care of all of this, using a number of techniques to help nudge engagement, report on a whole host of statistics (including employee drop-off) and much more too.
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