6 Goals Every Mentor Should Strive to Achieve

In this article, we talk about the goals every mentor should try to achieve once they’ve started the process of mentoring.

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As a mentor, you know how important it is that your mentee set goals for themselves to guide their actions. While you may focus your time and attention on your mentee to help them achieve their goals, as a teacher, you should also formulate your own goals.

Mentoring is an effective technique that is commonly utilised to improve company cultures and aid in employee retention. This type of relationship builds strong connections between team members and nurtures a collaborative company environment.

While there are numerous benefits of mentoring, it’s easy for mentors to feel like they’re stagnating if they haven’t set any goals down. To help you with this predicament, we’ve listed down six goals that any mentor can work towards. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Improve Communications Skills

A critical part of any mentorship is the feedback that you give and receive. When you’re mentoring your mentee, you get the opportunity to practise your communication skills. This kind of open and honest conversation with your mentee builds trust.

In a study conducted by Women Ahead, they found that 87% of mentoring relationships have helped each party become more empowered and confident. These types of bonds are forged through candid and clear communications that come from a place of care. Genuine feedback which stems from wanting your mentee to be successful.

While the preferred communication method for mentorships is face-to-face because body language and proximity play a part in creating a bond. Online sessions have proven to be just as effective if done right.

2. Activate Employees

84% of U.S. Fortune 500 companies understand the importance of mentorship to improve an individual’s performance. Activating employees through mentoring is a technique that global brands leverage. By investing your time and heart into your staff’s progress, you can improve your team’s happiness and productivity.

Not only does mentorship improve an individual’s output but it also provides mentors an avenue to practise their leadership skills. Mentoring has been proven to increase staff engagement and lower employee turnover. Your mentees can be a testament to your effective leadership style and adopt your techniques to their own.

Mentorship is one way for you to prepare the next generation of leaders. Set an example by showing off your excellent mentorship process and guiding your team members to achieve greater things.

3. Hone One’s Knowledge

When you teach someone the intricacies of your role, this is one way for you to refresh the knowledge you possess. Practice and repetition are the key ingredients for information retention. As you continue to help your mentee attain their goals, the opportunity to improve your current workflow through fresh perspectives also opens up.

Your mentee can teach you new ways to execute a process or even tell you about new industry developments. Mentorship is a mutually beneficial practice where each party can learn something new from one another and of course, gaining and refining one’s knowledge is definitely a worthy goal.

4. Streamline One’s Process

As mentioned above, teaching others about your work process is an excellent way to hone your knowledge while helping others improve. This is because you get to have a fresh pair of eyes to investigate your process and see it from a different perspective.

Remember that great mentorship communication is a two-way street so you can get the feedback you need to help improve your current workflow. If you’re unsure about changing your process, you can set measurable targets to help you calculate its effectiveness.

Here are some measurable data you can use as a yardstick for change:

• Output quality
• Completion speed
• Costs

5. Advance One’s Career

Mentors are known for pushing their mentees to garner success. This is done through the continuous sharing of knowledge between parties. By showing yourself to be a proactive team player who’s always looking to improve your company’s work environment, and by showing off your leadership capabilities, you can be selected for a promotion.

Mentorships allow you to advance your career through the new perspectives you gain and through the expertise you display toward your mentees. Your career growth is ensured because of the obstacles you and your mentee can solve and the network you develop.

6. Widen One’s Network

Expanding one’s network is a crucial practice for self-improvement. When you take on a mentee, you gain the chance to grow your network through these connections. In a world that’s ever-changing, you know how critical connections are in enhancing one’s skills and getting the job done.

For example, those in the food and beverage industry take care of their network to secure reservations for clients anywhere in the world. While those in the tech industry improve their website development skills through constant testing and development of codes with their peers.

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We’ve mentioned above some lofty goals you can adopt as a mentor. Clearly, the investment of one’s time and knowledge to shape the next generation of leaders will require a lot of effort. However, you’ll gain multiple advantages when going the extra mile for others.

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