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Professional Mentoring

PushFar helps you to go further, by connecting you with a mentor or mentee; to help guide, progress, develop and grow. Mentors and mentees can schedule meetings, set tasks and review mentoring progress, directly through PushFar.

Better Networking

PushFar intelligently helps you to network with relevant professionals and presents you with opportunities, networking events and more. Networking is at the heart of career progression and mentoring success.

Career Direction

PushFar can help you to figure out which careers to pursue, which industries to explore and which roles you're best suited to. The guidance you'll receive can further your professional development and help your career to flourish.

Progression & Development

PushFar presents you with activities, job opportunities and upskilling tasks to help you with your career progression. We focus on your future and help you to manage your upcoming tasks, activites and much more too.

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