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PushFar - The Mentoring Platform

Mentoring programs for your students:

University and College Mentoring

Support your students and alumni with powerful mentoring conversations and mentoring programs, supported by PushFar's mentoring platform.

At PushFar we can help you to launch, run and scale college and university mentoring programs, in minutes. Let's start today.
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So, what is it and how does it work?

Launch your college or university mentoring today

Our leading mentoring software and your fantastic students.

Find a Mentor
1. Configure Your Platform
Add your settings, choose your questions such as degree, course or subject areas. Add in safeguarding. Decide what matching rules to add in too!
Having a Mentoring Meeting
2. Invite Participants
Share your unique registration links with students and alumni or import participants via CSV, and watch your people join the program.
Setting Career Goals
3. Manage Mentoring
Match and pair up your students (or allow them to choose a match), set their goals, encourage networking and track their progress within the platform.
Networking and Tracking Mentoring Reports
4. Monitor and Report
Understand the connections, meetings, goals, feedback and engagement in real-time, with our metrics and dashboards.

Trusted by leading colleges and universities, globally.

Embraced by world-leading educational institutions,
PushFar has powered over 1.2 million hours of mentoring.
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79% of Millennials

79% of millennials view mentoring as a crucial aspect of having a successful career.
Are you providing them with a mentoring program?

Let's power engaging, educational conversations.
Help your students to learn and grow from professionals, peers and alumni.

Mentoring programs are one of the most effective ways for students to learn about the working world and life after college or university. Whether offering peer-to-peer mentoring programs, student-to-alumni or student-to-professional programs, PushFar's mentoring platform, training and support can help you to launch and scale a thriving mentoring program.
Mentoring Meeting
TickOwn-Branded Platform
TickSafeguarding Tools
TickLive Mentoring Training
Tick200+ Mentoring Resources
TickCustomisable Mentor Matching
TickSetup in 24 Hours
TickiOS and Android App
TickIn-Depth ROI and Results
TickCustomisable Data Capture
TickAccessible Technology
TickBuilt-In Video Calling
TickRun Multiple Programs

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A Case Study:
Bath Spa University

Explore how Bath Spa University launched and scaled their mentoring program with PushFar.

Bath Spa University is a public university situated in Bath, England and home to 8,000 students. It specialises in creative subjects and courses from foundation level to post-grad and research.

An Introduction:
Bath Spa University (BSU) want to broaden their students knowledge in terms of career goals, whilst also developing the knowledge skills and personal qualities that are valued by employers. They have been matching students with relevant industry professionals through their careers team for the past 8 or 9 years. Read More →

Hear from our clients' directly:
Partnering with PushFar

Hear directly from a wide-range of PushFar's clients about how they've utilised PushFar's mentoring platform to apply to their student, alumni, membership and employee networks, to launch, run and scale thriving mentoring programs. Discover why PushFar is the world-leading solution for end-to-end mentoring. From applications and mentor training, to reporting and feedback capture. Our tools, people and insights have you covered.

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