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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PushFar?

PushFar is the world's leading online and open mentoring network and career progression platform. We are making mentoring more accessible and effective for everyone. As a free platform for individuals at any stage in your career, for everyone; students, job seekers, working professionals and retired individuals. We help individuals to find mentors and mentees, network with relevant professionals, connect and develop and grow their careers.

What else can PushFar do?

As well as helping you to find relevant mentoring partnerships, PushFar's career progression platform looks at how you can go further in your career. So, we suggest relevant professional events, job opportunities and networking opportunities which our technology thinks will help you. As well as suggesting activities to help you with career progression, you can add tasks and goals to your own feed, share opportunities and updates with your followers and find other professionals in specific cities, towns, industries and companies.

How can I find a mentor?

Finding a mentor is really straightforward. Simply register free by clicking here, create your profile and once you've registered you can request a mentor. Our platform helps to make mentor and mentee recommendations based on profile information such as the support you're looking for, your location, industry and a whole lot of additional information.

How is PushFar free?

It certainly is free! There are no hidden costs and it's entirely free for individuals to sign-up, find mentoring partnerships, connect, network and develop your career. Our business model relies on licensing our technology out to organisations, globally, who are looking for internal mentoring software solutions. We help organisations to setup mentoring programmes for their employees and charge a license fee here. This enables us to offer our open network as a free solution for all individuals. Enjoy!

How do you match mentors?

Magic! No, we're just kidding. We use lots of profile data from each person who joins us, such as location, industry, experience, past mentoring relationships and the areas in which each mentor and mentee are looking to offer and seek support. We recommend up to five potential matches for each member and members can either request the suggested matches or 'dismiss' (that sounds brutal but it's not) any recommended matches that don't seem quite right. We then use matches and dismissed recommendations to improve our matching, through machine learning.

What is mentoring?

Everyone has their own perception of what it is to be a mentor or to be mentored, but at PushFar we believe that mentoring is quite simple. We believe that mentoring is simply one professional aiding and assisting another professional in any capacity. Mentoring could take as basic a form as sitting with a professional for 20 minutes to discuss a challenge they are facing with their boss. Or even as little as simply exchanging a series of emails or messages about recommendations for a job interview. Or, mentoring could be as involved as weekly catch-up calls, meetings and coffee dates to discuss the week's professional progress, job promotions, internal office politics and reaching career goals. Mentoring, put quite simply, is helping.

Who can be a mentor?

Nowadays, there are several different types of mentoring. Traditional mentoring was the act of a senior and experienced individual in an industry acting as a support and adviser to someone less experienced. Indeed, the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of mentoring is just this - “An experienced person in a company or educational institution who trains and counsels new employees or students.” And while this is largely still the case, there are other mentoring techniques and types popping up, such as reverse mentoring. Reverse mentoring is, as it suggests, where new, junior and less-experienced individuals’ mentor those who’ve been in the industry or a specific company for considerably longer. The idea behind this is that those with a fresh, new perspective can help to push change. Almost everyone is ultimately capable of being a mentor. Anyone who believes they have experience or insight and can offer valuable support and advice to another individual can be a mentor.

What are the benefits to mentoring?

There are a huge number of benefits to both being a mentor and being mentored by others. Whether offering interal mentoring solutions or finding a mentor as an individual, the possibilities are endless!

Benefits to being a mentor:
  • The opportunity to improve interpersonal skills.
  • The opportunity to understand other departments and roles.
  • The opportunity to give-back and nurture.
  • Benefits to being a mentee:
  • The opportunity to learn and grow their career.
  • The opportunity to develop self-confidence.
  • The opportunity to develop skills and knowledge.
  • The ability to better-understand organisational culture.
  • Do you have a mentor for me?

    We hope so but there's no guarantee. We're still quite a new platform, but we have thousands of professionals registered and willing to mentor. If we can't find a suitable mentoring match for you when you join there are still lots of other things that PushFar can do to help you with your career and if we haven't got the right individual for you when you join, we'll email you as soon as a suitable potential match joins.

    Can I close my account?

    If you're set on closing your account, then you absolutely can. We would love for you to stay but if you're just not into it then you can close your account by heading to your settings page, scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the 'terminate account' option. We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback if you do close your account though, so please do email is at support@pushfar.com for help, support and feedback!

    How does PushFar find mentors?

    Anyone can sign up as a mentor on PushFar. Mentors can enter details about their experience, how many mentees they are willing to take on and what areas they feel able to offer support in (eg. presentation training). A lot of our mentors are senior professionals with vast experience, knowledge and insight in their industry. We love our mentors!
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