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Meet the team behind our world-leading mentoring software.

Late in 2017, Ed Johnson was looking for a mentor but quickly realised that mentoring was not as simple or straightforward as it should be. The idea of finding a mentor or mentee, a buddy or a more-experienced individual to help him in his career should have been simple. It wasn't. So, he decided to begin building a mentor matching and mentor management platform to help individuals.

Fast-foward 12 months and he had discovered that it wasn't only individuals who struggled with mentoring - companies and organisations needed mentoring software and solutions to help them too. PushFar was born and the team grew. We are PushFar. We believe in mentoring accessibility and efficiency. With the backing of some incredible investors and a highly-talented team, we're changing the world's view of mentoring.

Adriana Iordan

Backend Developer

Ed Johnson

CEO & Co-Founder

Eleanor Wood

Head of Events

Gabriel Sirbu

CTO & Co-Founder

James Hendry

Chief Growth Officer

Marcos Hinke

Videographer & Marketing

Martin Sherwood

Chairman, Board of Directors

Martin Kirke

Chairman, Advisory Board

Paul Hodgkinson

Executive Coaching Advisor

Robin Wilkinson

Financial Director

Simon Brown

Advisory Board Member
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We are a global mentoring solution for individuals and organisations! We can help you get a mentoring scheme up and running in minutes or help you to find mentors, mentees and career progression.
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