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PushFar - The Mentoring Platform

Mentoring programs for your people:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Bring your people together, enable them to learn and power inclusion in your organisation, with PushFar's mentoring platform, training and support.

When we learn, we grow. One of the biggest challenges around inclusion and diverse workforces is understanding difference and one of the best ways to support this is through mentoring programs. At PushFar we can help you to launch, run and scale these programs, in minutes. Let's start today.
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So, what is it and how does it work?

Launch your diversity & inclusion mentoring today

Our leading mentoring software and your fantastic people.

Find a Mentor
1. Configure Your Platform
Add your settings, choose your questions - such as inclusive characteristics and focus ares of mentoring. Decide what matching rules to add in too!
Having a Mentoring Meeting
2. Invite Participants
Share your unique registration links, invite them via Single-Sign On (SSO) or import participants via CSV, and watch your people join the program.
Setting Career Goals
3. Manage Mentoring
Participants can form mentoring relationships, set their goals, network with colleagues and track their progress within the platform.
Networking and Tracking Mentoring Reports
4. Monitor and Report
Understand who is connecting, real-time data on meetings, engagement, goals and more with our metrics and dashboards.

You're in inspiring and diverse company, globally.

Trusted by hundreds of inspiring brands and organisations,
PushFar has powered over 1.2 million hours of mentoring.
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82% of Professionals

82% of professionals PushFar surveyed felt that mentoring was extremely important in tackling challenges around inclusion and diverse workforces. PushFar can help you to translate meaningful words into powerful actions.

Let's power engaging, inclusive conversations.
Help your people to learn and grow together, with mentoring.

Representation, understanding difference, understanding challenge, inspiration and thought-leadership. Just a few words and importantly, reasons, why mentoring is so vital. When applied to diversity and inclusion, employee resource groups (ERGs) and inclusive networks, the power of mentoring multiplies! PushFar's intuitive platform, combined with our support and training enable mentoring to thrive, quickly and easily.
Mentoring Meeting
TickOwn-Branded Platform
TickFully GDPR Compliant
TickLive Mentoring Training
Tick200+ Mentoring Resources
TickCustomisable Mentor Matching
TickSetup in 24 Hours
TickiOS and Android App
TickIn-Depth ROI and Results
TickCustomisable Data Capture
TickAccessible Technology
TickBuilt-In Video Calling
TickRun Multiple Programs

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Mentoring translates to inclusive impact

Just some of the amazing benefits of mentoring programs focused on inclusion.

Mentor Matching
Boost Representation
On average mentoring programs boost the representation of underrepresented groups, by 9% to 24%.
Mentor Management
Encourage Difficult Conversations
Only 47% of managers feel prepared to have conversations about race with employees.
Mentor Reporting
Promotion and Retention
Promotion and retention rates for minorities and women can increase from 15% to 38% when mentoring is offered.

Don't take our word for it:
Here's what our clients have to say

Hear directly from a wide-range of PushFar's clients about how they're using our mentoring software, resources and support to launch and scale thriving mentoring programs all across the world. With everything from mentoring training and coaching, to onboarding, setup and management of mentoring schemes in an ongoing basis, we're here to support your mentoring programs. Find out more about what makes PushFar a world-leader in the mentoring space.

"PushFar's mentoring platform offered WaterAid with an innovative, fresh and resource-effective way to manage mentoring. The platform matched our employees based on a range of criteria, and gave us full visibility of mentoring activity across mentoring relationships. For organisations looking to take mentoring to the next level, I would highly recommend PushFar as a partner."

- Chris Boorman
Global Talent Manager, WaterAid

"PushFar is an excellent platform which not only supports colleagues with their personal and professional development, but helps encourages cross-departmental collaboration, better understanding of the wider business functions and in turn will enhance colleague retention. We are delighted with the whole PushFar experience to date and are genuinely excited by the resultant benefits and impact it will have on our business and colleagues."

- Carmanah Mackenzie
HR Officer, Arbuthnot Latham

"Working with PushFar has been imperative to reaching our vision of offering mentoring our membership. We found precisely this and more in PushFar, whose platform connects mentors and mentees in just a few easy steps, allows us to brand for our network on platform, and offers additional social and networking tools like event comms, networking suggestions, and direct messaging. Working with PushFar has been a breeze."

- Joël Bohnen
Deloitte Digital, Wave LGBT+ Network

Let's Leverage Mentoring Success

Translate inclusive words and agendas into inclusive cultures and initiatives, let's explore how.
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