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Attend PushFar's monthly, live mentoring training workshops, completely free to everyone. For both mentors and mentees, our mentoring training workshops are one-hour long and train both mentors and mentees in mentoring best-practice.

Mentoring Training Workshops

Training Overview

Every month we run three training workshops, to help train both mentors and mentees around what to expect from mentoring, how they can leverage PushFar's platform and how you can use mentoring for career development, goal setting and progression. Our training is one hour long and open to everyone, globally. Whether you're already using PushFar's platform or mentoring elsewhere, this training can help anybody to become or upskill in mentoring.

Training Agenda

Each training workshop will follow the same hour-long format and is suitable for people of all ages and experience-levels, across all industries and sectors. Whether a mentor, mentee or both, the training workshops will cover:

  • What mentoring is - how it differs from coaching and management
  • The benefits of mentoring - for both mentors and mentees
  • Starting your mentorship - expectation setting, goal setting and contracting
  • The mentoring journey - Sustaining momentum, structuring meetings and hosting meetings
  • What not to do - The pitfalls and mistakes to avoid in mentoring
  • The PushFar platform - leveraging PushFar for meetings, goals and more

Attending Upcoming Sessions

Anyone can attend our training sessions. There's no obligation to contribute but you can ask questions at the end of each session. Your attendance will be anonymous from other attendees and all you need to do is register. All the below times are UK times.

We will continue to host monthly training sessions throughout 2024 and release more each month. Share the word and spread these with colleagues and friends.
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