8 Tips to Hire Faster and Find the Perfect Candidate

Hiring faster and finding that perfect candidate, the holy grail of recruitment! More and more business are looking to take their hiring in-house and away from expensive recruitment agencies, here are 8 tips that can help you hire faster and still find the perfect candidate.

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1. Write an enticing job advert
As the first touchpoint for candidates, it is paramount you write a job advert that works and grabs their curiosity. Over 1 million job adverts are posted each month (Adzuna), so your advert risks getting buried if you don’t use a recognisable job title, positive tone, clear formatting, and powerful call-to-action. Remember to sell the position and your company including the culture and benefits. Keep it short and sweet - adverts with less than 700 words perform the best!

2. Post to numerous job boards
The next step is posting to as many job boards as possible. Most companies think posting to one or two job boards is sufficient. In reality, if you post to just one job board your ad will only be seen by no more than 25% of job seekers as not every candidate is registered with the same board, regardless of how popular it is. In order to reach up to 85% of all active candidates, you will need to advertise across all the top boards. This can get expensive unless you use a provider like Jobheron that features your advert on all the UK’s main job boards for a fixed fee. The more exposure your role gets, the higher the likelihood of finding that perfect candidate.

3. Online CV databases
Did you know that online CV databases carry over 10 million resumes? These include passive candidates who have registered online, and are open to new opportunities, but may not have seen your advert. Online databases such as Reed, TotalJobs, indeed or Jobsite are all great sources of talent. The process of searching for CVs can be quite time-consuming and costly. As part of Jobheron’s service, we can access these databases for you and send across a shortlist of 100% relevant candidates for your vacancy.

4. Reach out on LinkedIn
Linkedin can be a great place to find talent for your role, particularly for more senior or niche roles. You can send prospective candidates an invite using the free version of LinkedIn with a tailored invite message. Once a part of your network, you can email them directly via Linkedin’s messaging app with further information on the role. For a more involved outreach you can sign up to Recruiter Lite for a monthly fee, which provides you with 30 InMails to message people you are not connected to.

5. Referrals
One of the most economical and effective tactics to hire is asking for referrals and offering a generous incentive. Explore your networks and encourage other staff to recommend people they feel may be a good fit for your new role. Statistically speaking, referred candidates are 55% faster to hire (HR technologist), produce 25% more profit, and are more likely to stay longer with the company (FirstBird) due to cultural fit, compared to those who are sourced elsewhere.

6. Getting hold of your candidate
If you have emailed a selection of candidates but not yet received a response, do not be alarmed! Candidates receive countless calls and emails from hiring companies and recruiters. In this situation, you need to think like a recruiter. From experience, in a world where 86% of job seekers now use their smartphones to apply for vacancies (Kelton), the most effective way to get hold of an applicant is to call them via your mobile (they are more likely to pick up a call from another mobile number than a withheld number or random landline). Remember to always follow-up with a quick text and email.

7. Speed up your hiring process
The best talent often gets snapped up quickly. Time and urgency are everything when it comes to securing the best talent for your role. Companies that prolong their hiring process, such as requiring applicants to complete application forms, screening tests and attend multiple interviews stages, are not doing themselves any favours. It is vital you simplify or eliminate any unnecessary steps - shorten your application process and speed up the interviews if you wish to secure the best talent.

8. Get your offer accepted
Now that you have found the perfect candidate, it is time to make an offer they cannot resist. Salary isn’t everything but it is still important. You can first investigate whether you are paying market rate for your role and location by looking at salary checkers on the likes of Adzuna. Second, consider your other benefits - private healthcare, flexible working, career progression, extended parental leave, travel opportunities. Glassdoor’s recent survey revealed that 79% of employees would prefer new or added benefits over a pay rise. For potential hires deciding between companies, the benefits you offer could give you the competitive edge.

The takeaway
Recruitment is always a challenge - one that requires a level of patience and persistence. If you would like any help with your next hire, Jobheron could be the most cost-effective solution. PushFar has partnered with Jobheron to provide you with the tools of a recruiter for a fraction of the price, helping you save time, money, and resources.
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