9 Networking Benefits and 7 Tips for Building Meaningful Connections

In this article, we will be sharing the impressive benefits of networking and providing valuable tips to help you build meaningful connections.

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Networking is an essential skill that all professionals need to have if they want to see career progression and growth. It’s something that we truly recommend to everyone, no matter their industry or level of experience. Whether it’s attending networking events local to you or taking part in online communities, networking is a great way to build strong professional relationships that lead you toward success and opportunities.

Networking is often overlooked in professional growth, but it comes with some incredible benefits that you can’t afford to miss out on. In this article, we will be sharing the impressive benefits of networking and providing valuable tips to help you build meaningful connections.

9 Benefits of Networking

As mentioned, networking comes with some incredible benefits that could prove valuable to you and your professional growth. Some of the most notable advantages include:

1. Networking Expands Opportunities: By networking, you’re expanding your range of opportunities. External networking gives you access to opportunities that may not be accessible through your workplace. When you build connections with professionals from diverse industries, backgrounds and roles, you are improving your chances of finding opportunities for things such as new job roles, partnerships and business ventures.

2. Networking Improves Knowledge Sharing: Networking with other individuals creates a platform of knowledge sharing, which means you gain new insights and expertise. When you take the time to engage with professionals in your field, you can learn the latest industry trends, gain new perspectives and learn from their own experiences. This helps you not only improve your skills but also make better decisions and come up with innovative ideas.

3. Networking Enhances Your Visibility and Reputation: If you want to make an impression in your industry, then you need to get yourself out there. Through networking with others, you can showcase your expertise, achievements and value. By showcasing what you have to offer in a professional setting and sharing your own knowledge, you can greatly enhance your visibility and reputation within your industry.

4. Networking Builds Support Systems: Building a support system in your professional journey is essential. When you network, you’re building connections with other professionals who can offer guidance, inspiration and motivation when you most need it. The individuals you build connections with can help you overcome challenges but also offer emotional support when times get hard.

5. Networking Leads to Career Advice:
Whether you’ve just started in your career or are a seasoned professional, there’s nothing more valuable than career advice. When you make connections with individuals who have more experience and industry knowledge than you, then you can gain career advice. You can find out how they got to where they are and their best advice for overcoming any obstacles.

6. Networking Builds Self-Confidence: There's no denying that the more you approach new people and make new connections, the more you’ll see an improvement in your self-confidence. This plays an important role in things such as interpersonal skills such as communication, which ultimately help you navigate your professional journey.

7. Networking Provides Different Perspectives: When you make connections with other individuals in similar roles or industries, you’re able to gain new perspectives. These new connections can see situations with fresh eyes, offering feedback and opinions on how they would approach situations if they were in your shoes. They can help you see things in a new light and provide new ways to overcome roadblocks.

8. Networking Grants Access to Resources: Networking will open doors to new resources that you may not have had previous access to. When you build strong connections, you gain access to things such as specialist knowledge, mentoring programmes or online communities. The more resources you have to learn, the better your chances are of progressing and propelling your career forward.

9. Networking Creates Long-Lasting Friendships:
While all networking connections might not turn into friendships and may always be professional, there are many times you can create long-lasting personal relationships. When you network, you connect with like-minded professionals who often have similar goals and careers, which can lead to true friendship.

7 Tips For Effective Networking

Now that you know the benefits of networking, you probably want to get started on your networking journey. Here are 7 tips you can use to effectively network:

1. Set Clear Goals: Before even starting to network, you need to have clear goals in place. If you want your networking to be successful, then you need to define your objectives and determine what you want to achieve from networking and gaining new connections. Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals will help you prioritise your networking efforts and guide you on the right path.

2. Be Prepared: Something everyone often forgets is being properly prepared. Whether you're planning a networking event and haven’t planned the essentials, such as resources and brochures, or you're attending a networking event and haven’t got a business card or a pen to take down information, being prepared presents you in a more professional light but also means you’re prepared for anything.

3. Use Online Networks:
For many individuals, they think networking is showing up at a local event. However, networking can be done in many different ways. This is why we suggest utilising social media platforms and online communities to connect with people of interest around you. Engage with your network on these social sites, sharing relevant insights and taking part in discussions.

4. Be Genuine: There's nothing worse than getting to know someone and realising it’s all an act. If you want to build genuine connections with people, then you need to stay genuine and authentic to who you are. Show empathy, genuine interest and actively listen to those around you to build stronger, more trusting relationships.

5. Perfect Your Pitch:
Networking in a way is about marketing yourself and showcasing the value you offer. You need to always be prepared to market yourself, whether that’s online or at in-person events. Perfecting your pitch means you can easily communicate your strengths when asked and showcase your talents, expertise and skills.

6. Find a Mentor: If you're someone who struggles to network or simply wants to freshen up your skills, then consider finding a mentor. A mentor can not only help you improve your networking skills by guiding you through the networking process, but they can also introduce you to the connections they have made over the years. To find a mentor for free, check out PushFar.

7. Always Follow Up: When you make initial connections with professionals, then make it a habit to follow up and express your appreciation. Following up is an essential part of networking and if you don’t do it within 1 to 2 days, then you're making a huge mistake. From sending thank-you emails to connecting on LinkedIn, following up allows you to stay connected and nurture these relationships over time.


To conclude, networking is an extremely powerful tool that will help you grow personally and professionally. There are so many benefits that come with effective networking, such as expanding opportunities, knowledge sharing, improving visibility, building support systems, gaining career advice, building self-confidence, gaining new perspectives, getting access to new resources and creating long-term friendships. These benefits are something you can’t miss out on if you want to truly grow and thrive in your career.

By following the 7 tips suggested in this article, you’ll soon find yourself with a strong network full of professionals to support and guide you on your career journey. Remember, seize any networking opportunities you can and have fun!

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