Fun Things Companies Can Do to Instil Team Spirit in Employees

In this article, we have compiled 4 exciting team-building activities for your company to try out.

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Employees working in the workplace must exhibit proper coordination with each other and understand each other. Only then can a team of employees function judiciously in the workplace. Employees must feel invested in each other's capabilities in accomplishing their shared goals and objectives. It will, in turn, allow your group of workers to enhance your business's overall productivity and efficiency.

There are many fun and exciting corporate team-building activities for your employees to participate in together as a team. By indulging in a suitable team-building activity, your workers can teach the necessary notion of team spirit and work together as a cohesive unit and achieve their goals. This article has compiled some fun and exciting team-building activities for your company to try out. Check them out now:

1. Escape room games

Escape rooms are full of mind-boggling puzzles and challenges that you and your team must solve collaboratively. By solving the different puzzles and riddles in the escape room, your team can 'escape' the room in time!

It provides enough room for teamwork and collaboration as players brainstorm the tricky riddles and make their way out. Playing an escape room game is also about enhancing the existing levels of communication between your team members as they share their opinions.

Furthermore, playing an escape room game will release the stress from the minds of your workers and allow them to relax and reenergize themselves. Nowadays, many escape room ventures enable companies to organise special corporate team-building activities. So, you can indulge your team in an escape room game together!

2. Team mentoring

Group mentoring or team mentoring involves an individual mentor catering to a group of mentees or vice versa. Instead of meeting with your mentor individually, the purpose of team mentoring is to gather mentors and mentees in a group. It provides a fantastic opportunity for the development of mentors and mentees alike.

It allows mentors and mentees to take turns and share their individualistic perspectives. Consequently, it offers a gateway to a healthier working environment than earlier. It further enhances the transition of knowledge among workers and improves the skills of employees.

By participating in team mentoring, you can successively enhance the level of collaboration between mentors and mentees. It further allows the participants to come forward and ask their questions and reflect on the answers they receive. The process leads to the gradual emergence of a highly developed and efficient group of mentors and mentees. After that, it makes it easy to understand complex issues that may arise between them in the future.

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3. Community Service

Encouraging your employees to indulge in community service can be yet another efficient way of enhancing team spirit amongst your workers. Further, it will also offer your employees enough room to give back their services to the community to which they belong.

Nowadays, many businesses worldwide often seek to work closely with charitable trusts and organisations to provide their services. Your company can also offer community services to teach the notion of team spirit amongst your workers.

So, you can get started on selecting a suitable charitable organisation that accedes to the corporate identity of your business. After that, you can encourage your workers in the workplace to offer their services to the community. It will allow them to work together to help the community.

4. Scavenger hunts

Participating in a scavenger hunt with your team of employees can be yet another fun and exciting team-building activity. You can provide your workers with a good list of items they need to look for inside the workplace. You can divide your employees into smaller groups for the scavenger hunt.

The items you will ask your employees to look for must comprise easily discoverable objects. Ensure that you do not insert any rarely found objects in the list. Following this, allow your workers to start the scavenger hunt and look for the things mentioned in the list.

See how they have fun as each group participant actively searches for the objects around the workplace. To give the game a little twist, you can give your employees a particular time limit for which they need to look for the objects.


These are some fun and exciting team-building activities for you to try out with your employees today. So, which of these activities will you give a try?

This article was guest written by Aniya More.

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