How Mentoring Software Can Be Used to Run an Organisational Mentoring Program

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Mentoring is a buzzword being used across the world by HR and L&D (Learning & Development) professionals, becoming increasingly popular over the last few years. When it comes to mentoring, it’s not just something that is used by professionals but something that organisations should be including in their strategies, if they want to improve things such as retention and employee engagement.

Whether you already run a mentoring program or are looking at incorporating mentoring into your strategy, you need to understand the options available to help you make the process seamless.

In this article, we will be covering the basics of mentoring and looking at how mentoring software can be used within your organisation.

What Is Mentoring?

Let’s start with the basics, what even is mentoring? Traditional mentoring can be described as a one-to-one relationship between two individuals, with one looking to develop both personally and professionally, and the other able to support and aid them on their journey.

The mentor works alongside the mentee, to advise and support them in meeting their goals. Mentors are there to help the mentees plan for their future and come up with ways to help them overcome any hurdles. In the case of organisational mentoring, the mentor for example would work with their mentee to help upskill them in new technology within the workplace or help them achieve the promotion they’ve been after.

When it comes to mentoring, the relationship is unique for every relationship, with each one having unique goals, roles, and requirements. Mentoring isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation and that’s why there are different styles of mentoring such as reverse mentoring or group mentoring.

The Benefits of Mentoring

When it comes to mentoring, there are many benefits associated with it, especially within an organisational setting. Mentoring is incredibly valuable for both the mentor and mentee, as well as the organisation as a whole. Some of the most notable benefits include:

1. Mentoring helps career development amongst employees.
2. Mentoring can help employees upskill.
3. It can improve leadership abilities amongst employees.
4. Mentoring programs improve the overall knowledge within an organisation.
5. It improves employee engagement, retention, and motivation.
6. It can help improve diversity and inclusion within the organisation.
7. It creates a workplace culture that values learning.
8. It reduces training and recruitment costs for an organisation.
9. Mentoring programs give you a competitive advantage and give you a better chance at hiring top talent.
10. Mentoring improves the overall well-being of employees, due to them being more satisfied within their roles.

What is Mentoring Software?

Mentoring software, also referred to as mentoring platforms or management, is a technology platform with an array of tools to help organisations effectively run and scale their workplace mentoring programs. Long gone are the days of using a spreadsheet to run a mentoring program, saving hours of time and resources to enrich your organisation in mentoring activities. These programs are typically managed by HR and L&D, who are focused on developing and nurturing employees.

From mentor matching to a dashboard designed to monitor the progress of mentoring within your organisation, mentoring software can help make the process entirely straightforward. Compared to manually running a program, where matching bias and measuring success are common issues, mentoring software such as PushFar can help you overcome these challenges. You can learn more about how other organisations have used PushFar by viewing our recent case studies.

What Are the Benefits of Using Mentoring Software?

Whether you already have a manual mentoring program in place or are looking to implement a mentoring program, you need to know the benefits of using mentoring software. It doesn’t matter if you have 50 employees or 5,000 employees, finding a mentoring solution that works for you is incredibly important.

So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using mentoring software compared to manually running one:

1. Although matching can be done manually through PushFar, our technology can make automatic matches through our smart algorithm.
2. Mentoring software means that mentor matching can be unbiased.
3. You can automate and scale your program.
4. With PushFar you can gain more in-depth insight into the overall success of your mentoring programs.
5. More than one mentoring program can run at one time.
6. Communication is improved between participants using mentoring software.
7. Mentors and mentees are more engaged when using mentoring software.
8. The mentoring administrator can measure progress with ease.
9. PushFar’s mentoring software can be customised to your brand.
10. The program administrator can save hours of time and resources.

How PushFar Works

Mentoring has never been easier, with PushFar we help thousands of organisations over the world fulfil their mentoring needs. With PushFar, you can get started with your mentoring program in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Mentoring Match

After your program is set up, you can start the most important step of mentoring, the matching process. Our platform allows you to either manually match your participants or our technology recommends the best matches for each individual, based on our smart algorithm.

Step 2: Mentor Management

The next part of the process is mentor management. From tracking mentoring goals to the number of meetings set by participants, the PushFar platform makes mentoring management simple. With reminders and tools, management is simple.

Step 3: Mentor Reporting

When it comes to running a mentoring program, one of the most critical factors for organisations is being able to report and understand the true impact of mentoring. With PushFar, you have an administrator dashboard where you can track activity and engagement, to know if your program has been a success.

Step 4: Continuous Career Progression

Beyond mentoring, with PushFar you can truly focus on the career progression of your employees. The PushFar platform goes further than mentoring with additional career progressional tools, from event recommendations to networking, you can make career progression a priority for your employees.

If you want to learn more, explore PushFar's features' here.

Final Thoughts

Mentoring software is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you manage your mentoring program, improve it, scale it and ensure results every time. When you have a mentoring program, the main goal is to help your participants develop both personally and professionally, to achieve their career goals. Mentoring has a huge impact on both your organisation and your employees, when you effectively run a program, you’re setting the organisation up for success.

Mentoring software can help make the mentoring process manageable, effective and more impactful. If you want to learn more about how mentoring can be used within your organisation, request a free demonstration with PushFar today.

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