How to Improve Productivity in the Workplace (& the Advantages of It)

Learn about the importance of productivity in the workplace and the methods you can use to improve it.

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Whatever sector your business functions in, a respectable business leader is always seeking ways to enhance processes and productivity within their organisation. An organisation that cares about its overall success, should have goals in place for helping better and intensify productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

High productiveness amongst employees is a great sign that your organisation is healthy, flourishing and has a great culture in place. We need to remember that the most necessary aspect of any organisation, no matter the size, is its employees.

Throughout this article, we will be explaining the benefits of enhanced productivity within the workplace and our best advice to better it.

The Benefits of Improved Employee Productivity

There's no denying that productivity within the workplace is a monumental factor that plays into the overall success and happiness within your organisation. The concept is simple, the more productive employees are, the more work that is done, and benefits will be seen throughout the organisation. Some of the many benefits include:

Greater Fulfilment - Productive employees who are given the opportunity by the organisation they work for, to contribute, feel a greater sense of purpose. The sense of fulfilment felt by employees who contribute, motivates them to do their best work.

Reduced Burnout -  When your employees are feeling stressed and overwhelmed within the workplace, it can result in burnout, which is detrimental to the overall success of your organisation and the wellbeing of your employees. Enhanced productivity results in employees working more efficiently and a reduced amount of time spent on workplace processes, which means people can complete their responsibilities and workload without feeling stressed.

Better Customer Service - Improved productivity is felt across an organisation as a whole, not just one department. A valuable external benefit of improved productivity is that it often leads to better customer service. When teams work better, are given more time to speak to customers and are coordinated, customers can feel the benefit. As a result, customers will feel happier, which results in improved brand loyalty.

Better Teamwork - When all members of a team are productive in their roles when working on projects, each member will share the work evenly, allowing for more adequate and successful teamwork within an organisation. This helps enrich team morale and reduce stress levels within the workplace.

Improved Profits - Employees are the most significant element of an organisation, a true investment made by your organisation. When your employees feel happy, satisfied, and motivated within the workplace, you have a much higher possibility of improving profits. When employees are more efficient, it means that less labour is required to produce goods and services, whilst improving the standard in which they are completed.

Tips to Make a Productive Workplace

1. Celebrate Accomplishments

When you recognise and celebrate the accomplishments of your employees, you're showing them that you do care about them. Employees need to feel appreciated and special, and although this may seem like common sense, this is a common mistake many organisations are making. Many organisations fail to realise that only pointing out the mistakes their employees make and not their achievements, is highly demotivating.

Whilst you don't need to celebrate every day, you should show appreciation weekly at a minimum and offer monthly feedback regarding their progress, to help boost motivation and improve confidence within the workforce. Recognition boosts work morale, making them want to work harder and inspiring them to be more productive within the workplace.

2. Listen and Support Them

Employees need to feel listened to, they need to know that someone in the workplace is there to understand them and have someone on their team. Listening to their concerns and worries shows them that you care about them. It also means you can gain feedback, that as an organisation, you can use to modify the workplace for the ones who matter most, your employees. It means you can provide them with all the resources and support they need to do their job more effectively and at a finer standard.

3. Get To Know Them

Now, we're not saying that you need to know every single detail about your employees, but taking the time to know them will have a positive impact on productivity within the workplace. In turn, when your employees feel cared about, they will care more about the organisation.

Remember, your employees are more than a number, they have interests, dreams, and skills outside the workplace, get to know them because, in the long run, they will appreciate it. The connection made will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of what truly motivates your employees and how you can create better motivation on a personal level.

4. Allow Flexible Working

Over the last few years, we've seen a dramatic way in which we operate during our working days. With the rise of more people working from home and a shift to hybrid working days, flexible working is now becoming an increasingly popular benefit expected by the workforce.

Flexible working permits employees the opportunity to work in a way that suits their needs. Whilst some people enjoy working in the office, the opportunity to work from home is highly attractive for some of your employees. Having the option in place will increase productivity for those who want it. Flexible working also means employees can work the hours suited to them, which enhances productivity amongst those who need to work 'untraditional' working hours.     

5. Start a Mentoring Program

One of the things we highly recommend improving productivity within the workplace is implementing a mentoring program. Mentoring programs within organisations have been linked to increased performance, better job satisfaction, decrease in turnover and higher career success. So, in turn, these advantages lead to boosted productivity within the workplace.

If you want to learn more about how mentoring can improve productivity within your organisation and be a valuable asset, book a free demonstration with PushFar, the world's leading mentoring and career progression platform today.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to advance productivity within the workplace, whatever methods you choose to use, you're going to see the advantages across the organisation as a whole. When it comes to boosting productivity, it isn't just a one-time thing, but something as an organisation you should strive for regularly. We hope this article was able to demonstrate the significance of enhanced productivity, whilst giving you an idea of methods you can use within your organisation.

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