How to Mentor Others About LinkedIn

In this article, you’ll find tips related to getting started with LinkedIn mentoring, topics to cover, and more. Let’s get started!

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LinkedIn is more than just a job board and many business owners are just starting to realise this. But, even after they realise this, most people hardly know how to use LinkedIn.

That’s because LinkedIn is unlike other social platforms like Facebook and X (Twitter). It has a bit of a steep learning curve, but the results are amazing for business owners looking to generate leads and/or create their professional network.

And that’s where you come in as a LinkedIn mentor. You can mentor business owners on using LinkedIn for business and marketing purposes and leverage the network of 875 million users on LinkedIn. You can equip them with knowledge and get rewarded yourself while doing so.

If you are wondering how you can exactly mentor people on using LinkedIn, then this article is for you. You’ll find tips related to getting started with LinkedIn mentoring, topics to cover, and more. So, let’s get started!

Why is Mentoring About LinkedIn Lucrative?

You may be wondering if LinkedIn mentoring is rewarding and if you should even take this up. Let me tell you—mentoring business owners about LinkedIn can be highly rewarding.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Market demand - Business owners and decision makers are always seeking guidance on effective LinkedIn strategies. By providing mentorship, you tap into this market, offering valued expertise.

2. Highly lucrative - You’ll essentially be mentoring business owners on how to generate leads for their business.

3. Networking and connections - Through mentorship, you build a network of professionals who value your insights, potentially leading to future collaborations or referrals.

4. Building trust and long-term relationships - As a mentor, you gain trust and respect in your field, which can lead to more clients and higher rates for your services. Mentoring often leads to long-term professional relationships, providing ongoing opportunities for collaboration and business growth.

How to Mentor Others About LinkedIn

Now that you understand why LinkedIn mentoring can be a lucrative opportunity for you to take up, let’s understand how you can mentor others about LinkedIn for business and marketing:

1. Help Your Mentees Define Their Goals With LinkedIn

Just like any business and marketing strategy, the first step to figuring out LinkedIn is defining goals and objectives. Which is why, you should also start your mentoring process with goal setting.

You can begin by assisting your mentees in pinpointing their objectives. Are they looking to enhance their professional visibility, generate leads, or expand their business network?

Clarifying these goals shapes the entire mentoring process. For example, if a mentee aims to generate leads for their B2B business, focus on helping them with B2B prospecting and content that attracts leads.

If networking is their goal, strategies for engaging with industry groups and participating in discussions would be key.

Based on their goals, you can discuss how to use LinkedIn's features. Like articles and posts, to establish thought leadership for those looking to elevate their professional brand.

2. Teach Them How to Optimise Their LinkedIn Profile

No matter what your mentees' goals are, a complete and optimised profile is a must if they are looking for any kind of success with LinkedIn. And this is where you come in with powerful tips for profile optimisation

You can start by guiding your mentees through creating a compelling headline that clearly states their professional identity and value proposition. The summary section should be a narrative of their career journey, highlighting skills and accomplishments.

Also, make sure to discuss the role of keywords in making their profile discoverable in LinkedIn searches. Guide them through detailing their work experience, focusing on results and achievements rather than just job duties.

You can have a LinkedIn profile optimisation cheat sheet or checklist ready to make things easier for you and your mentee.

3. Help Your Mentees Create Content on LinkedIn

A huge part of gaining success with LinkedIn is to establish yourself as a go-to authority in the niche. And the best way to do that is by regularly putting out high-quality content on LinkedIn. Hence, you should also include LinkedIn content creation as a part of your mentoring process.

You can begin by guiding your mentees on developing a content strategy aligned with their professional goals. You can teach them to create content that showcases their expertise and industry insights.

You should also show them how to engage with their network through thoughtful comments and shares. Teach them how to create content in advance and schedule posts on LinkedIn beforehand.

4. Mentor Them on Prospecting and Lead Generation

Do not make the mistake of limiting your mentoring to just LinkedIn profile optimisation and content. Your mentees need help using LinkedIn for lead generation. Hence, make sure you include B2B prospecting and lead generation in your mentoring.

You can start by teaching your mentees how to identify and connect with potential leads. Emphasise the importance of personalised connection requests and follow-up messages. Guide them in using LinkedIn's search and filter features to find potential leads in their industry or target market.

Teach them how to nurture these connections by providing value through sharing useful content and engaging in meaningful conversations. Also, teach them how to create effective sales proposals that can be shared with these prospects.

5. Train Your Mentees on Sales Navigator

While talking about business and LinkedIn, it is important to talk about Sales Navigator as well. You can choose to coach your mentees on using Sales Navigator to filter prospects and reach out to them.

Make sure to familiarise your mentees with Sales Navigator’s features and capabilities. Show them how to use advanced search filters to target specific industries, company sizes, and roles.

Teach them to leverage Sales Navigator's insights for personalised outreach and unique sales prospecting methods. Guide them in building and managing lead lists, emphasising the importance of a strategic approach to lead nurturing.

Additionally, discuss how to integrate Sales Navigator with their existing CRM systems for streamlined workflow.

6. Teach Them How to Engage on LinkedIn

As you may already know, engagement on LinkedIn is key for building and maintaining professional relationships. Hence, consider teaching your mentees to regularly interact with their network by commenting on posts. Show them how to participate in groups, and initiate conversations.

You can share networking and LinkedIn DM templates with your mentees to help them effectively communicate with prospects. Also, teach them how to share relevant and meaningful comments on others’s posts to help increase their visibility.

7. Share Tips on Building an Email List From LinkedIn

Building an audience and connecting with prospects on LinkedIn is good, but the ultimate aim for your mentees would be to bring these prospects into their funnel. And the best way to do this is to direct followers on LinkedIn to their email lists. Email marketing is still one of the most powerful digital marketing methods.

So, also consider adding email marketing to your mentoring process. You can coach your mentees on adding lead magnets and sharing freebies on LinkedIn. You can help them set up an email marketing tool which can then capture these leads from LinkedIn.

Start by guiding them on how to nurture connections and turn them into email subscribers. Show them how to use LinkedIn posts and articles to offer valuable content, encouraging readers to sign up for more information via email. Teach them the importance of having a clear call-to-action in their content.

8. Build Trust and Rapport With Your Mentees

While we have spoken about coaching your mentees on different aspects of LinkedIn, you must build trust with your mentees throughout the process.

Mentoring business owners on LinkedIn is a responsibility that you should be willing to fulfil. And you can only do this when you consider their wins as your wins.

Additional ways to build trust and rapport with your mentees is by giving away useful resources like checklists, cheat sheets, guidelines, and useful video content.

Encourage open communication and provide honest, constructive feedback. By fostering a trusting relationship, your guidance becomes more impactful, and your mentees are more likely to engage and apply your advice effectively.

9. Follow Up With Additional Guidance and Regular Check-ins

Effective LinkedIn mentoring requires consistent follow-up and regular check-ins. So, schedule periodic meetings to review progress, address challenges, and update goals. You can schedule weekly or monthly follow-up meetings for 6 months after you are done mentoring them.

Offer continuous guidance, adapting to their evolving needs on LinkedIn. Reinforce the importance of staying active and engaged on the platform. Encourage your mentees to experiment with new features and strategies, providing feedback and suggestions.


If you have decided to take up LinkedIn mentoring, then congratulations! You are on the right path to a lucrative mentoring career. Make sure to follow the tips mentioned above and find the right people to mentor, and your mentoring career will be thriving before you know it.

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Eduard Klein is an International Digital Growth Marketer, Blogger, and Online Business Coach with a global mindset. He guides through the process of starting and growing a digital business, and riding the wave of digital technology and marketing without getting swept away.

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