Returning to the office? Here are 5 top tips to make the transition easier!

The shift from remote working to going back to the office isn’t always easy but it doesn't need to be stressful.

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You’ve just got the company email, they want you back in the office next week. One day you're at home with your dog by your side and the flexibility to work from the garden on those sunny days, and the next you find yourself on the daily commute. Covid-19 has radically disrupted both our daily and work life. As the vaccine rolls out and restrictions are lifted, many workplaces and offices are starting to reopen. Having worked remotely for over a year, reverting to office life can feel difficult, and at first not the most straightforward transformation to make.

If you have a return date towering over your head, make sure to check out these top 5 tips for returning to the workplace:

It’s all about the routine

The pandemic has entirely altered our daily routines, including our work and sleep schedule. Settling back into the office routine is a big shift, not only for the workday but for our household and childcare agreements. Although any difference in our daily routine can sometimes feel overwhelming, it’s vital to remember there are several ways we can help combat these changes. One of the foremost advantages of remote working is the ability to avoid the everyday commute, making it easier to click the snooze button several times before your scheduled workday. A week before returning to work, it’s necessary to start waking up an hour or two earlier to get back into your former routine. Planning ahead of the new week will also ease the transition, whether it be checking to see if your bus still runs the same route, making sure you’ve got your office keycard in your bag or putting together an outfit the night before.

Spruce up your workspace

When you return to the office, make sure to give yourself time for a quick workspace clean up. You presumably haven't returned to the office in over 12 months and it’s more than likely you weren't able to clean up your desk before the unexpected shift to working from home. Being welcomed by masses of unopened mail and loose paper isn’t the ideal way to begin your day, take just 10-15 minutes to freshen up and give yourself the prepared and pleasant workspace you deserve. Contemplate purchasing new decorations, plants or a new picture frame for your desk, this will help you feel more content with your workspace.

Focus on the positives

When returning, it’s crucial to keep a fresh mindset and focus on all the positives being in an office provides you. The idea of ditching your comfort zone may be stressful now you’ve adjusted to remote working, however, there are many benefits that come from being in the office. The initial benefit is being able to connect with your colleagues and new people, something we all missed out on throughout the pandemic, with many of us enduring the consequences of isolation. Even if you like your job, long-term it’s not healthy to feel as though you're working every waking hour. For many of us, working remotely has made our homes feel like a work setting, instead of a spot for relaxation and family time, creating a blur between work and personal life. Team morale is also greatly increased, as the office is a location where employees can share their experiences and immerse themselves in a vibrant company culture.


Communication is always key, remember that. When returning to the workplace, it’s essential to make sure you're communicating with your colleagues and manager about your transition back. Practising transparent and effective communication throughout this period is necessary, with many members of your team feeling the same as you. Explain your expectations with your co-workers and manager regarding how you can all support and help each other, since everyone is on the same page, it should be manageable to put in measures and make a plan going forward.

Give your wardrobe a makeover

It’s a well-known fact that when you look good, you feel good. Over the last year, we’ve become accustomed to our baggy t-shirts and oversized pants, although they will be dearly missed, making an effort to revamp your wardrobe will make you feel a lot better about yourself. Having the appropriate wardrobe with smart clothes will make the transition process easier, consider treating yourself to some new outfits or accessories that will make you feel more confident.


With many of us feeling the pressure that comes with transitioning back to the workplace and the enormous change in routine, it’s significant to recognise that there are many benefits to working in an office and ways to help ease the process. By following the tips mentioned, returning should be smooth sailing.
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