Securing an Interview Without a CV - Less Obvious Routes to a Job

We explore the less obvious routes into a job interview and your first step onto the career ladder, which help you stand out more.

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Finding your first job can be tricky. There are often apparent obstacles and challenges in between your application, securing an interview and ultimately finding the role you are looking for. And certainly, this is not getting any easier. We are in an ever-increasing competitive careers marketplace but at the same time, the growth of technology and a whole host of exciting new roles are out there too. So, don’t despair – there are a lot of amazing companies who are going out of their way to higher the youngest and brightest minds! But, securing those interviews might be easier if you take a less obvious route. While we aren’t saying you should stop applying through the standard application routes, we would certainly recommend giving some of the following suggested approaches a go too. There is no guarantee that any of them will deliver. But, they just might! After all, what’s the worst that could happen if you just try?

Take it to Twitter
This one works – we can assure you it does because our CEO, Ed Johnson, secured his first job through Twitter! Find out who’s in charge, who the decision makers are and why they might just be reading a tweet you send them. Then, tweet them and ask for a job or internship! It’s that simple. Sure, you will often hit a brick wall with no response or a response linking you to the company’s careers’ site. But, you just never know when the head of HR or the company director might read your tweet, check out your profile and think ‘Oh, hey, you know what, I’ll get them in for an interview.’ Finding out who the head of recruitment or the company director, manager or CEO of a company is has never been simpler. A quick search on Google will help you to find the people you should be tweeting. Don’t be afraid to be bold!

Attend Their Events
Companies regularly hold public and open events. These might be seminars, networking opportunities, educational talks or simply promotional drinks parties. If you have found a company you really want to work for, check out their social media and web pages, find out whether they host events and if there is one coming up, go to it! Once you’re there, start to mingle, network and work the room. You will begin to meet people within the firm and you can be completely honest. Tell them you’re looking for a job and that you love their company. As with all of these tips, you never know where it might lead to.

Get into Their Inbox
This might seem obvious but it’s amazing how many people skip this step through fear that they couldn’t possibly be seen to take such a direct approach. But, it stands out and that is a good thing. A quick, hello, I’m X and I love your company. I just wondered what I might be able to do to get an interview for X role within your company. That’s all it has to be. Just ask! As we said at the beginning of this article – what’s the worst that could happen? A non-responder.

Ask Around
It’s amazing how small the world is. And at the same time, it’s amazing how often people forget this one. Ask friends, family and your existing contacts whether they might know someone who knows someone who works in the company you want to work for. Sure, you’ll often hit a brick wall, but you might just get the introduction needed to land your dream job.

Pick Up the Phone
Again, just like sending an email, it’s amazing how many people fear picking up the phone and asking for an opportunity. As we all know - if you don’t ask, you don’t get. So, do try! If you can find a direct number for a recruitment manager, company director, manager or CEO then that’s even better. But if you just have the company reception, phone them and ask if they can connect you with the head of HR or recruitment. Ideally, you’ll already know their name from doing a bit of research online – and if you do then you can simply ask the reception to connect you to them. If they ask you what the call and enquiry relate to, a standard ‘a job application’ usually does the trick! Don’t be afraid to be bold.

So, there we have it. Five not-so-standard routes to securing your first job interview, without applying with a CV or resume. Good luck and remember, the more alternative your approach, the more you’ll stand out! Equally, don’t forget to click here to register for PushFar – the career progression and mentor matching network to help you get ahead with your professional life.
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