The Benefits of PushFar's Open Mentoring Network

Explore how our open network of over 55,000 members is beneficial to your organisation's own mentoring programs.

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Founded in 2019, PushFar is the world’s leading open-network career progress platform, offering hundreds of organisations an efficient and cost-effective way to set up and run scalable mentoring programs. Since the start, our goal has been to form an environment where mentoring relationships can be built to last, making it easier for everyone to benefit from the amazing wonders of mentoring. We want the world to gain meaningful mentoring connections, create a community concentrated on the sharing of knowledge and provide our users with the possibility to truly progress.

During the first year of operation, PushFar obtained over 18,000 mentors and mentees and recently reached a whopping milestone of 55,000 members on the platform. All these members share a passion for developing mentoring connections, transferring knowledge and offering support. Our open-network members all come from diverse backgrounds, with mentors and mentees from more than 50 different identified industries. We really are global and completely cross-sector. Our most recent data shows the influence our platform truly has on our users, with over 335,000 hours of mentoring being conducted on the platform since January 2019, that’s an insane amount of knowledge being shared!

Our open-network platform is not only a wonderful place for all our members to connect but comes with some powerful benefits for your business too, such as:

Gaining Feedback

Feedback is paramount to the success of any business or platform, something PushFar is easily able to attain from our community of members. The feedback collected comes with many advantages, including the ability to help us truly understand how we can improve the mentoring process for your business. At PushFar we’re passionate about creating the best user experience we can at every touchpoint, with the feedback enabling us to develop our platform and introduce new technologies to make the process and lives of our users easier.

Community Building and Mentoring Culture

The PushFar platform has created a space where members can come together as a community. Our users can share their common interests, goals and experiences to work towards their own personal and professional development goals. Being a strong community allows us to gain further feedback and insights to help improve the mentoring process for your organisation, allowing for continuous innovation. Here at PushFar, we’ve been able to create a strong mentoring culture through our members. With the continuous support and guidance of our community and team, PushFar has a proven track record of helping others educate and develop themselves by forming mentoring relationships. Our goal at PushFar is to implement this knowledge and experience in your business, equipping you with the resources and support needed to build a strong mentoring culture and community at your organisation.

Identifying Trends and Insights

Wouldn't it be great to be the first to know what factors people value about mentoring or understand what challenges people are facing that encourage them to look for a mentor? With our open-network of over 55,000+ members, we're able to access a huge collection of data that is strategically used to help identify these trends and insights. Not only does this data present a holistic view of our platform, but by offering a wide-open and free network, we can gain mentoring insights and share them with you to ensure your business is at the forefront of mentoring trends. PushFar is then able to identify and act on them appropriately, supplying resources and content to help assist your business and users.

The Best User Experience

By offering an open network we can see what is clear and simple to participants, what needs work and ways in which we can improve the user experience for your business. Improving user experience is key for PushFar, helping drive further engagement, create a superior experience and boost motivation. We want to take this same approach into your business and ensure that your participants log in regularly, really get the most out of it, and have the best mentoring experience that can be offered.

External Mentors and Mentees

Finding the right mentors can sometimes feel challenging if your business doesn't have access to a diverse assortment of individuals. Due to our large open network and the amazing variety of members on the platform, we can assist businesses to find and form external mentoring relationships seamlessly, it can also be leveraged to run reverse mentoring sessions for your business.

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