What Is Career Promotion Anxiety and How To Prevent It

Let's explore career promotion anxiety, how to prevent it and how you can thrive with your career progression.

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What is Career Promotion Anxiety?

Career Promotion Anxiety is the feeling of uneasiness or fear of the work associated with the career promotion. While getting a promotion may seem to be a fulfilling and rewarding experience, you may also feel overwhelmed and nervous about your new role. A lot of employees have experienced getting anxious in their promoted careers. Some may even have difficulty dealing with it and being familiar with the new working routine and environment. Still, career promotion anxiety should never be a hindrance to becoming successful in life.

If you want to overcome your anxiety towards your newly promoted career, here are some tips and recommendations to do:

1. Have some self-confidence
Remember that it is likely to have a promotion if you’re suitable for the role. It is better to focus on your strengths and believe in them rather than self-doubting yourself all the time. Always think of yourself as someone capable of the job because of your outstanding skills and performance. See the career promotion as a new stepping stone given by the company’s higher-ups to give their worthy employees the opportunities they deserve and improve employee morale. Aligned with this mindset, see yourself as one of the employees qualified for better opportunities and worthy of career promotion because of skills, performance, and hard work.

2. Learn more about your new role
Getting a promotion may be daunting at first, especially it will mean exposure to a new set of responsibilities. To overcome your anxiety, taking some actions to make you feel more ready and prepared is helpful. One preparation you can do is to learn about the tasks and responsibilities you will shoulder in your new role. You can ask your colleagues who share the same position as yours or research online about the job. Taking some knowledge would help you feel ready for your work and gain some idea of the expectations.

3. Do not be afraid of mistakes
Everyone is capable of making mistakes. Even someone with the highest position is not an exception to failure. There are various mistakes people make with their career progression. While unwanted, making mistakes is common because you still need to familiarize yourself with the new work. The important action to do as a professional is to know how you should make up for that mistake. Remember that no one is perfect enough to do the job with hundred percent perfection and accuracy on his first day or week.

4. Practice mindfulness
Getting nervous in doing your role may mess up your health and well-being, worsening your experience. Practicing mindfulness and meditation may help you relieve your stress and anxiety. It can also be an excellent opportunity for you to gather your thoughts, compose yourself, and calm your nerves. Career promotion anxiety may cause you to feel pressured, but clearing your mind can ease this feeling and other negative thoughts and what-ifs about your performance.

5. Do self-motivation
Remind yourself of your goals and reasons why you should be happy and motivated in your promotion. Think of your new role and responsibilities as a great addition to yourself to make you more outstanding in your career and life. Self-motivation helps to boost your confidence and lift yourself. With your new career role, setting up new goals can also freshen up your mind and increase your motivation in work. A new working routine, responsibilities, and experience is another step towards a successful career and dream life.

6. Practice humility
At your first take of the role, remember that you don’t have to appear perfect and all-knowing in front of other people. It’s okay to have second thoughts with the questions and decisions you will make as a new person in the role. Being promoted in a career doesn’t mean that you will be alone in work. You’re still allowed to ask questions and help from other people who are more confident and knowledgeable in the field. Talk to your boss or manager regarding your performance and ask for feedback to improve yourself. Insights from other people will help you correct and familiarize yourself quickly with the new responsibilities and work you have to do.

7. Take a break
Having a promotion may push you to do the work right on the spot. While experiencing the job on hand may be good to grasp the ins and outs of the job right away, taking a break beforehand will also help you. Relieving your stress and role anxiety will take a toll on your body. Consider taking a step back and go on a short leave from work. Treat and reward yourself for landing a promoted position and thank yourself for all the hard work you did. Taking a break can also help you re-organize and compose yourself, making you feel more ready and prepared when you get back to work.

This article was guest written by Regi Publico. Regi Publico is a full-time writer based in Manila who is also an artist for fun. She takes pride in her towering collection of books and loves reading about anything under the sun. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge through every article that she writes.
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