What is Professional Mentoring?

We explore what professional mentoring entails, how it can benefit individuals and the best way to go about mentoring too.

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Mentoring is widely recognised as one of the most effective forms of professional career development, training, upskilling and growth. But did you know that mentoring can take a huge range of forms? Everyone has their own perception of what it is to be a mentor or to be mentored, but at PushFar we believe that mentoring is quite simple. We believe that mentoring is simply one professional aiding and assisting another professional in any capacity. Mentoring could take as basic a form as sitting with a professional for 20 minutes to discuss a challenge they are facing with their boss. Or even as little as simply exchanging a series of emails or messages about recommendations for a job interview. Or, mentoring could be as involved as weekly catch-up calls, meetings and coffee dates to discuss the week's professional progress, job promotions, internal office politics and reaching career goals. Mentoring, put quite simply, is helping.

But what can a mentor help with? Well, at PushFar, we're firmly set on the belief that a mentor can help with a huge number of aspects of an individual's career, its challenges and achievements too. A mentor could help you with interview training, updating your resume or CV, providing insight into a certain industry, assisting you with keeping in touch with industry trends and standards, office conflict, management challenges and a whole host of additional aspects of the working world. Some people question why a mentor is a better option than a friend and we firmly believe that it is important to keep the right work/life balance. With mentoring, professionals can help to provide an outside, unbiased, fair and experienced opinion, advice and support where friends and family might not be able to. Being able to speak to someone more experienced who can guide one through their career is so important. Equally, for a mentor, it can be hugely rewarding training and aiding a mentee. Passing on one's experience, knoweledge and insight is a great way of giving back and can even help personal growth too.

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