Why do I want to help you with career progression and mentoring?

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Ed Johnson, explores the reasoning and the 'why' behind building career progression platform PushFar and how it's going to help students and professionals far and wide.

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So, we’re building a new platform called PushFar and we have some incredibly exciting plans for it. We are a small, tight-knit, highly-efficient, driven and passionate team. And the features that the platform will include are, even though I say so myself, impressive! Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Ed Johnson, one of the co-founders here at PushFar. In this article I thought I would take a bit of time to explain why we’re doing what we are doing. I could go on about what we are doing, who we are, how we are going to improve everything for professionals everywhere – the career progression, the mentoring, the networking, the business opportunities and more – but instead I want to focus on ‘why’.

You see, ‘why’ is the foundation of business. This is fundamental. A market need is essential, the right product is key, and product roll out is vital. But, a good business must be built on solid reasoning. Sure, generating revenue is one of our focuses – I’ll be completely upfront about that and I think that any CEO who claims that revenue is not one of their focuses is lying. But that’s not why we are doing it. That is not why we started PushFar. PushFar is born from a very personal need to help with career progression. Whether that is helping myself or helping others – and our aim is to do that for a lot of people – PushFar’s aim is to help with career progression.

Late in 2017, I was struggling. I was feeling a bit despondent about the way in which my career was heading. I’d started a technology venture with my brother, which turned out to be a bust (these things do happen, and I learnt so much from that failure, but even failure is hard to accept), I wasn’t entirely sure which jobs to pursue or who I could speak with about career direction. I had asked a few people for a mentor, but nothing had come out of that and I was generally feeling a little bit lost. That being said, I know about down days, low moods and lack of motivation. As someone who works in technology start-ups and who has started a number of ventures (some with more success than others) the highs and the lows are to be expected. It started to become clear to me, through this sense of loss and need for guidance, that there was a big gaping hole in the market for some sort of career support. I finally knew how college and university students when I had heard them speak of the worry and concern of the unknown. When I had listened to my brother talking of having ‘literally no clue what to do’ with his career. And now, I could relate.

This, right here, is the ‘why’ to PushFar. Feeling helpless really sucks. And feeling that lack of support is even worse. That’s why I began working on a concept, putting together a team and heading out to gain investor support too. To build a platform, vitally important to students and professionals of all ages, with career progression. But I can’t do this without your help too. If you want to get on board and become one of our early adopters, make sure you register your details here. Thank you!
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