Why You Should Consider Professional Mentoring

Ever thought about mentoring another professional? Here are a few reaons why we think you should.

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Have you ever thought about becoming a professional mentor? The reality is that we learn through our mistakes and if we can learn from others' mistakes, then that can help us to grow even more. Imagine if, when we had the odd question, concern or confusion in our professional life, we could turn to someone who's been there before and knows exactly what (or what not) to do? This is exactly what a professional mentor is. Someone who can advise and guide others within their career. It has to start somewhere and the honest truth is that we all have so much that we can impart upon people further down the career ladder. Whether mentoring a fellow colleague or a student at university, if you understand something that someone else doesn't then you should consider mentoring.

This leads us back to why. Why would you want to help someone else? Aside from good will, generosity and satisfaction? Well, in this day and age, corporate social responsibility accounts for a lot. Being seen to be doing the right thing really does matter. It matters for your clients, for fellow employees, for your business. Overall, it matters. But that, in itself is not a good enough reason. The real reason you should consisder becoming a mentor is because it can help you too. There is a wonderful quote from the musician Phil Collins - 'In teaching you will learn and in learning you will teach' - and it's true. When you become a professional mentor (on any level), you can start to understand the struggles, challenges and career progression of another individual and in doing so you can improve your own career. Looking at problems from another perspective can help unlock further potential in your own life. With mentoring we can build a more stable society where people enjoy their work, feel less stressed, feel more productive and can achieve more. Mentoring has been shown to help with productivity in the workplace, employee retention, client and customer satisfaction and can even be attributed back to increased revenue for businesses. And while these are benefits for business owners, these are also benefits for individuals too.

Mentoring doesn't have to be the great commitment that it was once seen as. Mentoring can be as casual as one professional assisting another professional. And when it comes to PushFar, this is firmly our belief. We define mentoring as one professional helping another professional - there is no minimum time commitment, no course to take or questionnaire to fill out. If you believe you have enough insight, knowledge and experience to help another individual, then you do! Mentoring is a fantastic thing to spend your time doing and we would love to have you on our platform. Head to our homepage (click here) to register your interest today.
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