What it's Like Working for a Startup

Our Head of Growth, James Hendry, explores his journey over the past few months and what it's really like working for our technology Startup, PushFar.

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I've recently started working for PushFar and 6 months ago, had no idea I would be doing something like this. So, I want to break down what it's really like to work for a startup as someone who's had no prior experience as well as why I'm here. So here goes:

It started with a focus group session to find out the views of students and their opinion about what we do, without prior knowledge of what it was that we do. I was one of those students. We all left the session with a good idea of what it was, along with an understanding of how it really could help us. Later that day, I got in touch asking if I could join, and that was it. Here I am. But what's it really been like?

Working for a startup is a completely different experience because you're not just another employee, you're there to bring something new to the table through innovation, personality and diversity.

It starts with the workplace, it's a relaxed coworking environment where you don't need to look far to realise you're surrounded by people with novel ideas and a real drive, they're here because they absolutely love what they're doing. The office isn't far for me, but I can just as easily work from home as there's constant communication.

You're not restricted to just one thing, I do everything from webpage design and marketing strategies to business meetings and improving my coding skills. The job satisfaction is also amazing, you see your ideas being created from scratch and see changes as they appear, all while seeing the company itself grow because of things you've implemented.

For me, one of the most important things I've found is that I've now gained a mentor, someone who I can ask anything and will help me to the best of their ability in both improving myself and steering me in the right direction.

I've found it amazing so far and can't wait to see what it's all going to come to. So if you want a mentor or help in career progression then Sign Up for PushFar today.
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