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Chartered Institute of Housing

Chartered Institute of Housing

Chartered Membership Body
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Mentoring from Chartered Institute of Housing -
Membership Mentoring and Learning.

In this case study, explore how the Chartered Institute of Housing has used PushFar's mentoring software to implement and scale mentoring, across their membership as an additional offering.

An introduction

The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) is a charity and not-for-profit organisation acting as an independent voice for housing and the home of professional standards. There is a diverse range of members, working in both the public and private sector, operating in over 20 countries and 5 continents across the globe. The goal of the CIH is to provide housing professionals with the knowledge, advice, and support they need to thrive in their careers, creating a future in which everyone has a place to call home.
  • CIH has always been passionate about assisting its members throughout their professional journey. Before seeking a digital solution to mentoring, they already had a manual mentoring program in place to support existing members.
  • One of the most important objectives currently for the CIH is continuously looking for ways to professionalise the sector, which was brought to their attention after having conversations with its members.
  • CIH is continuously looking to satisfy the needs of its members and realised the value and potential a better mentoring program could have. They were looking to build a community that allowed members to gain knowledge into specific niches, exchange ideas, and share best practice points.
  • “I knew the potential of having a better mentoring program that satisfied the needs of our members”

    Olusola Jinadu, Member Experience Manager

    The Challenges

  • CIH wanted to ensure that the data of their members was completely confidential, which, they felt, could be improved upon by switching from a manual to a digital mentoring solution.
  • CIH was looking to build a scalable mentoring programme that accommodated a virtual experience and would make it easier for members to connect safely and more efficiently.
  • CIH was looking for a solution to exchange knowledge across all member types. A space that focused on learning and experience sharing across all membership grades.
  • Creating a community where members were able to learn about specific niches, exchange, and share best practice points.
  • CIH was looking to improve the engagement of its members by providing a community-based solution.
  • They were looking for a platform that was innovative, continuously changing and evolving with new technologies.
  • The Solution

  • The PushFar team were highly supportive during the onboarding process, offering guidance and resources.
  • PushFar enabled CIH to completely refresh the way in which mentoring was conducted within the organisation, a completely different approach to the previous hands-on mentoring process.
  • PushFar self-led matching process and algorithm permitted CIH members the capability to find their own matches, which eliminated human bias within the matching process.
  • The PushFar team has been very efficient in responding to any questions from the CIH.
  • PushFar were able to streamline and scale up the mentoring process within the CIH.
  • Continuous innovation of the software has ensured ongoing improvements in the UX for CIH members.
  • Providing a program even for "those who have reservations, really like the platform and find it easy to use".
  • The Results

  • Since the platform went live in July 2021, mentoring is now more inclusive for members of the CIH.
  • 96 mentoring relationships since the program has gone live.
  • A high number of activities, including goal setting.
  • 330 CIH members are signed-up as participants.
  • Decreased time spent by programme administrators manually matching participants.
  • 7270 hours in total have been spent by CIH members on the PushFar platform. With 538 hours in the last month (March 2022).
  • CIH is seeing daily sign-ups, with 3x more members than it has ever had before.
  • Greatly improved mentoring engagement from participants.
  • An acceleration of people searching and converting.
  • “You don’t have to be in a mentoring relationship to benefit from the features in the platform. You can connect with other professionals and expand your networks.”

    Olusola Jinadu, Member Experience Manager

    What's Next?

  • Within the next few months, the CIH want to increase the number of mentoring relationships on the platform.
  • CIH is looking to create and add more resources, as a way of supporting and helping its members.
  • CIH is investigating ways to upskill its mentors through training and learning resources. This will help the professional development of their members.
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