How Can I Find a Mentor?

Looking for a mentor to help your professional career progression? Here are a few tips for mentor matching and networking.

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Mentoring is vital to professional success. Ask any senior executive, company director or entrepreneur and in all likelihood they will have a mentor guiding them. Whether you've been working for 2 months or 40 years, you're never too old (or too young) to be mentored and guided by senior professionals. While Google has the answers to a lot of problems - it can't spend time over a coffee, discussing your career path, management challenges or client advacements in the same way as another individual. A mentor can help with just that. Mentoring, as PushFar defines it, is supporting. And we firmly believe that every professional can both mentor and be mentored. Mentoring is beneficial on so many levels and no matter how experienced you are, mentoring can help you take your career to the next level. But, where can you find a mentor?


PushFar is a network that can help connect you with other professionals and experts in your industry and industries you are looking to work in. Launching early in 2019, PushFar is developing a network to help with career progression in a number of exciting aspects of the day-to-day professional world. From networking events and job opportunities through to mentor connectivity and day-to-day work planning, PushFar is the answer to helping you PushFar. Click here to register your interest for our network today.


Professional networking can be a great way to meet others both within your industry, company, city and furtherafield too. Networking can increase the chances of meeting other professionals who might be a good mentoring fit. So, we would definitely recommend ensuring you are proactively networking, where possible. There are lots of different ways in which you can network and we've written an article with a few top tips to help you. You can read our professional networking article here.

Ask Your Manager

If you are working in a larger organisation then there might be an existing mentoring programme that you can join. A lot of companies offer mentoring schemes, programmes and networks, to help employees to find mentors and mentees. Ask your manager whether they can either advise you on a mentoring programme within the company or whether they can find you a mentor within the company. If your manager is unable to provide you with effective advice, then the best department to speak with is HR. Human Resources are almost always the department charged with mentoring programmes, mentor matching and career progression, so they may well know about how to find a mentor, even if your manager does not.

Alumni Networks

Some schools, colleges and universities offer old-student alumni networks. These can be a great place to go to find people who've shared educational experiences as you. These alumni networks sometimes also offer mentoring programmes as well. So, have a look at what your old school, old college or old university is doing on the alumni network front and see whether there might be some way in which you can find a mentor through these channels.
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