Discovering and Hiring Gen Z Team Members

In this article, we talk about Generation Z, how to discover them, and how to hire them into your team.

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The new generation of employees is breaking traditions and forcing companies to rethink their working arrangements. Generation Z will make up 27% of the workforce by 2025 and companies must learn how to attract and hire these individuals to secure the future of their firms.

While Gen Z’s employment patterns are unstable, in comparison to previous generations, it’s clear that they know what they want and that they can innovate the workflow of companies across the globe. You’re guaranteed a fresh pool of talents that are driven by responsibility and making a lasting societal change – in their own way.

In this article, we talk about Generation Z, how to discover them, and how to hire them into your team. Now, let’s break this down and learn what it takes to create a multi-generational workforce.

Who is Generation Z?

For Gen Z, it’s no longer just about the name of the brand, it’s also about social responsibility, meaningful connections, and authenticity. Remember, Gen Z grew up during the dot-com boom, which means this generation grew up with the internet. Digital technology is ingrained into their DNA because it’s what they grew up with.

However, despite Gen Z’s dependence on the internet, the thing they value above all is the relationships they build with their team. This generation will not settle for a company that doesn’t understand the importance of candid communications and meaningful connections.

As the workplace receives job applications from the new generation of employees, it’s time for businesses to start walking their talk. Whether your company has a mission to reduce carbon emissions, fair trade practices, or donate a portion of profits for development, Generation Z wants to see how your company executes this.

Where Does This Generation Find Employment Opportunities?

As we’ve mentioned above, digital technology is something that Gen Z has grown up with. This plus the COVID-19 pandemic, where everyone was asked to stay at home, has led to this generation turning towards the internet to help them find their next job.

In this section, we talk about where you can place your job advertisements to attract new additions to your company.

1. Employee Referrals

The first one on the list is by simply asking your employees for referrals.

Gen Zs prefer hearing about a job opening from someone who currently works there because they gain insight into the company’s culture, benefits, and workload. This type of recruitment allows them to weigh out whether they’re a fit for the business or not.

2. On-campus Career Fairs

Most Gen Zs are applying for jobs before their senior year in college. Studies have shown that only one in ten students are looking for employment during their final year of schooling.

Setting up a booth for on-campus career fairs for your company is an excellent way to meet the new generation in their second homes, and to develop a relationship between your company and them.

On-campus career fairs also help you meet potential team members far before they enter the job market thus, helping you grow your talent pool.

3. Online Job Boards

Job boards such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed are the preferred method for Gen Zs to find their next employment opportunity. Not just because these job boards are easy to access but also because most of these websites have a company review page where job applicants can see if the company’s culture fits their desires.

One downside a company may face when using job boards is the sheer volume of advertisements. So, if your firm would like to use this, you may need to employ some creative copywriting to get applicants to click and apply.

4. Social Media

With Gen Zs constantly setting new trends on social media, it’s no surprise that companies have started using these channels to aid in creating a multi-generational team.

Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are just some of the most common channels that businesses use to connect with their market. The improved targeting algorithm of these websites means that once someone uses the search bar to look for a job, they’ll also start to receive ads for job openings.

What Does This Generation Look For?

Unlike the older generation that’s used to working one job sans side hustles, Generation Z has a different work ethic. The new generation is passionate about a lot of things and they’re looking to continue pursuing it – even with a day job, so you can expect that they’ll have different expectations once an offer is on the table.

Here are some of the things Generation Z wants from their potential employers:

1. Digital Integration

With most Gen Z preferring to live away from the city, an option for hybrid or remote work has been a demand of theirs. That being said, to make this arrangement possible, companies must start integrating technology into their workflow.

Digitally transforming your company enables your employees to work remotely and maximise their time to do things they’re passionate about, freedom that Generation Z seeks in their employment.

2. Clear Responsibilities

Gen Z is changing things up for companies offering lofty job titles to attract employees.

This generation puts minimal weight on the job title instead, they’re looking for a clear job description that allows them to share their ideas to make a greater impact on the workplace.

3. Values Mental Well-being

The new generation has been vocal about mental health, balance, and passion so, it’s no surprise to see that Gen Z is keen on joining a company that values mental well-being.

Aside from understanding employee mental health matters, Generation Z is also looking for a company that cultivates a positive working environment.

4. Helpful Bosses

This new generation wants to have meaningful relationships with their team.

Because Gen Z grew up in a digital world, the thing that they value the most is authentic relationships. This means having collaborative teammates and bosses that can nurture their growth. In short, Generation Z isn’t looking for a boss, they’re looking for a mentor who can help shape their career and guide them in life.

4. Livable Wages

Of course, salary is still something that Generation Z considers. In fact, a livable wage is something that they seek. But it’s mostly because Gen Z wants a job that can keep up with rising costs of necessities (rent, food, and groceries) while funding their passion projects.

As we’ve said, this generation values work-life balance, and money is a tool to help them achieve just that.

5. Diversity and inclusivity

Inclusivity and diversity are one of the top things that Generation Z looks for in their workplace. Gen Z is looking for companies that are aiming to balance male and female leaders, close the wage gap, and champion LGBTQIA+ rights.

88% of interviewees found it important that employers ask for their preferred gender pronouns. Meaning, Generation Z is valuing how businesses are communicating and respecting their identities and individualities.

6. Opportunity Rich

It’s common to hear that Generation Z has short lifespans in a company. Gen Z is always looking for new opportunities for their career and salary growth. So, if you’d like to keep Gen Zs in your company, you should provide meaningful growth opportunities.

Growth opportunities don’t just stop at diversifying your employee’s task experiences to get the basics of their job down but, it also means developing them into leaders in their field. Leadership development is a task that improves the self-confidence of your Gen Z team members while steadily increasing their responsibilities to take on bigger jobs.

7. Numerous Benefits

Finally, Generation Z wants to be a part of a company that provides them with numerous benefits.

Company benefits aren’t just there to make one’s life more fun, to a certain extent these benefits also provide security. Here are some of the top benefits that Gen Z looks for in a company:

• Health insurance
• Employee discounts
• Stock options
• Retirement savings
• Paid time off

Attracting the New Generation to Your Company

To attract Generation Z to your company, it looks like you’ll need to enact changes that ensure holistic growth for your employees. It also means that you’ll need to come up with a communication process that guarantees that the new generation gets the feedback they want while developing meaningful relationships with the team.

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