How to Celebrate National Mentoring Month at Your Organisation

In this article, we define mentoring, explore its benefits, and share 7 ways your organisation can celebrate this National Mentoring Month.

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Every January, National Mentoring Month commences, serving as a platform to highlight the significance of mentoring. This month-long event is a valuable opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of mentoring, acknowledge the impact mentors have on individuals' lives, and inspire others to engage in mentoring. The main aims of this month include:

• Establishing Awards and Advocacy - National Mentoring Month aims to raise awareness about the vital role mentoring plays in individuals' lives and foster positive relationships.
• Encouraging Recruitment - A key goal of this month is to motivate individuals to become mentors and mentees. 
• Recognising Mentors and Mentees - This month provides a platform to express appreciation and recognition for the selfless dedication of mentors and the hard work put in by mentees.

Additionally, throughout this month, specific days are designated for celebrating mentoring, including:

• I am a Mentor Day - January 7th
• Thank Your Mentor Day - January 21st

In this article, we define mentoring, explore its benefits, and share 7 ways your organisation can celebrate this National Mentoring Month.

What is Mentoring? (& The Benefits)

Mentoring is a relationship in which one person shares their knowledge, skills, and experience with another person to assist them in their development, progress, and growth. Mentoring is a nurturing relationship where a more experienced individual, known as a mentor, typically supports and guides a less experienced person, the mentee. There are various types of mentoring, such as peer mentoring, group mentoring, and reverse mentoring, all aimed at helping the mentee achieve their goals and gain new experiences to reach their full potential.

Engaging in mentoring brings numerous benefits for the mentor, mentee, and organisations. Some of these advantages include:

• Personal and Professional Development - Mentoring serves as an excellent tool for aiding mentees in their personal and professional growth. It assists them in acquiring new skills, exchanging knowledge, and gaining fresh perspectives.
• Improved Workplace Culture - Mentoring contributes to the establishment of a workplace culture that values learning, knowledge sharing, and support. This enhanced workplace culture creates an atmosphere where employees feel supported and have access to new learning opportunities.
• Career Guidance and Support - Whether the mentee seeks career advancement or guidance in overcoming work-related challenges, a mentor is available to provide support and guide them along their path.
• Promotion of Diversity, Inclusion Equity and Inclusion - By implementing a mentoring programme, organisations can greatly enhance diversity, inclusion, and equity within the workplace.
• Expanded Network - Through mentoring, both the mentor and mentee can expand their professional networks. This enables them to explore new opportunities and broaden their horizons.
• Talent Retention and Attraction - Mentoring programmes have become a crucial factor that employees want in their current roles or when applying for new positions. This grants your organisation a competitive advantage while offering the necessary support to your employees.
• Enhanced Self-Confidence - Mentors and mentees can boost their self-confidence through mentoring by having assistance in overcoming challenges, instilling belief in their abilities, and achieving their goals.

7 Ways Organisations Can Celebrate National Mentoring Month

To fully embrace the spirit of National Mentoring Month and demonstrate your dedication to successful mentoring in your organisation, there are numerous ways you can celebrate with your employees. Here are some examples:

1. Launch a Mentoring Programme

One exceptional way to celebrate National Mentoring Month is by initiating a mentoring programme for your employees. This initiative allows your workforce to participate as mentors, mentees, or even both. By implementing a mentoring programme, you cultivate a culture of growth, development, and knowledge sharing within your organisation. To learn more about how mentoring can be used within your organisation, schedule a free demo with PushFar today.

2. Scale Your Mentoring Programme

If you already have an internal mentoring programme in place, now is the perfect time to consider expanding it. Whether your current programme focuses on assisting organisational leaders or helping the IT team acquire new software skills, National Mentoring Month presents an ideal occasion to scale the programme's scope and expand to other areas within your organisation.

3. Share Success Stories

Motivate those around you by sharing success stories from mentors and mentees who have actively participated in your mentoring programme. By highlighting the benefits individuals have gained and showcasing the impressive impact mentoring has had on their personal and professional growth, you inspire others to engage in mentoring relationships.

4. Host a Mentor Appreciation Day

Consider hosting a day dedicated to appreciating mentors within your organisation. Plan events and activities to honour the hard work of mentors who participate in your programme. Whether it's sending personalised messages or arranging lunches for mentors, there are many ways you can show your mentors you appreciate what they do.

5. Share Resources

Utilise National Mentoring Month as an opportunity to raise awareness about the benefits of mentoring and its impact by sharing resources. Remember, to not only share these resources with current participants but others within your organisation. Whether it's sharing the latest PushFar e-books or an inspiring YouTube video highlighting the advantages of mentoring, sharing resources helps share knowledge. Additionally, you can create your own mentoring resources to share.

6. Host a Networking Event

Hold a networking event so your mentors, mentees and potential participants can get together in one place and foster relationships. For example, host a networking event on Zoom and feature experienced mentors and mentees, or plan an after-work event where employees gather to connect. Hosting a networking event is an excellent way to boost motivation and encourage interaction among individuals.

7. Mentoring Workshops and Webinars

To generate enthusiasm during National Mentoring Month, consider hosting webinars or interactive workshops focused on mentoring-related topics. These sessions can cover things such as the benefits of mentoring or best practices. This helps keep employees engaged and equips them with the necessary support, guidance, and tools to go forth and have effective mentoring relationships.


In conclusion, National Mentoring Month serves as a reminder of the significant impact that mentoring can have on individuals and organisations. This month is a time to reflect on the importance of mentorship and to actively promote and support mentoring initiatives within your organisation. By participating in National Mentoring Month, organisations have the opportunity to celebrate the mentors who have made a difference in the lives of others and to encourage more individuals to become mentors themselves. So, whether you have a formal mentoring programme in place or are considering creating one, you should celebrate this month.

Throughout National Mentoring Month consider using the 7 activities mentioned to inspire and engage with your employees to become mentors, mentees and promote learning within your organisation. By embracing mentoring this month, your organisation can demonstrate its commitment to the success and growth of its employees.     

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