6 Benefits Of Online Learning During A Career Break

Here are six great reasons why online learning during a career break could be just what you need!

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Are you considering taking a career break? Yes, a break from work can be heaven-sent for your mental health and well-being. If, on the other hand, you're also looking to make the most of your time off, online learning is very likely the most convenient way to go.

Online learning and online mentoring offer many benefits over traditional ex-cathedra teaching, with greater flexibility and convenience being the most prominent.

Today there are courses and online learning platforms available in almost every field imaginable, so you can, without a doubt, find something that suits your interests and goals perfectly.

Here are six great reasons why online learning during a career break could be just what you need!

1. Skill Expansion

Skill expansion opens up more career advancement opportunities and helps us stay competitive in the job market.

Continuously acquiring new skills and enhancing existing ones is essential for success in today’s ever-changing world. Whether it’s learning a new language, getting better at public speaking, or mastering a programming language — the opportunities for expanding our skills are endless.

A successful career usually entails constantly learning new skills and exploring different industries. Research what skills are in-demand right now; remember to look at different sectors and focus on ones that offer opportunities for growth. For example, if you aspire to become a business analyst or manager, you could take online finance courses and add finance skills to your resume.

A good tip to begin is to pay close attention to job postings and industry reports. This will provide insight into the current requirements and desired skill sets of potential employers. Next, do a detailed self-assessment to evaluate your existing skills and compare them to those in demand.

Once you've pinpointed the skill gaps, explore online learning platforms and educational institutions offering courses that align with your needs and wants. Completing targeted courses that address these gaps will enhance your marketability and increase your chances of career success.

2. Industry Trends Update

Staying updated with the latest industry trends and developments is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Subscribing to industry-specific newsletters, blogs, and podcasts from reputable sources, as well as attending webinars, conferences, and workshops is the shortcut to gaining insights from experts and thought leaders in your field.

Engage with professional communities on social media platforms such as LinkedIn: join groups and participate in discussions relevant to your industry.

By actively seeking out and consuming industry-specific knowledge — think market research reports, news articles, or online forums — you’ll stay informed about the most critical activities and perspectives in the industry.

3. Global Networking Opportunities

Online learning platforms offer excellent networking opportunities, allowing you to connect with professionals worldwide, and opening the door to networking for career growth and collaborations.

Networking plays a vital role in advancing your career growth, as it helps you build relationships with professionals within your industry and beyond. This is a very old-school way to gain access to valuable insights, advice, and potential job opportunities that may not be advertised publicly.

As you expand your network, you strengthen your reputation within the field and increase your chances of being recommended or referred for new positions or projects.

This can lead to collaborations, mentorships, and support from like-minded individuals who share your goals and aspirations. All of the above can significantly impact your career trajectory and your professional development.

4. Flexibility and Self-Paced Learning

Flexibility and learning at your own pace are benefits that cannot be over-emphasized. Such an approach allows you to adapt your learning experience to accommodate the demands of your unique situation, ensuring that you can continue to develop your skills and knowledge without sacrificing other responsibilities.

To create a structured learning schedule that won’t sacrifice daily productivity, start by setting clear goals and breaking them down into manageable tasks or milestones. Allocate specific time blocks for learning, taking into consideration your most productive hours, potential distractions, and any personal obligations.

Monitor and assess your progress, making adjustments as needed to stay on track. A well-organised and flexible learning routine will maximise both the educational experience and the success, even while managing the challenges of a career break and other personal commitments.

5. Cost-Effective Learning Options

Online learning presents a cost-saving alternative to traditional education, as it often eliminates the need for expensive textbooks, commuting costs, and other fees. A plethora of free or affordable courses and resources are available, making quality education accessible to a wider audience regardless of their financial situation.

To identify the platforms offering quality, affordable courses, start with reviews from fellow learners. Look for platforms that have partnerships with renowned institutions or feature courses taught by industry experts, and get recommendations from peers, mentors, or professional networks.

You can explore free online mentoring programs. For example, PushFar's mentoring platform is completely free and once you are registered you can find your mentoring pair, with their mentor matching.

Alleviating the financial burden often associated with traditional education gives you the financial bandwidth to explore and expand your options. Career 180s are very common these days, so don’t be afraid to take one yourself.

6. Showcasing Commitment to Growth and Self-Improvement

Online learning during a career break can demonstrate dedication and ambition to potential employers or clients.

It highlights your commitment to growth and to staying current in your field. This proactive approach creates a positive impression, and it emphasises your ability to self-motivate and adapt to changing circumstances.

To effectively highlight your online learning experiences on resumes or professional profiles:

• List the completed courses under the "Education" or "Professional Development" sections.
• Highlight the skills and knowledge gained and, if applicable.
• Mention any certifications or achievements earned to further validate your accomplishments.

Additionally, consider explaining the practical applications of your newly acquired skills in cover letters or interviews, illustrating how they contribute to your professional competence.


Online learning offers numerous benefits during a career break but, most importantly, it provides an opportunity for personal and professional development. Flexible, self-paced learning can accommodate all the individual items on your to-do list, and the cost-saving aspect of online education — and the accessibility of quality courses — make it an attractive choice.

Leaders and decision-makers should also seize this opportunity to grow and stay ahead in their respective fields. Don't let a career break hinder your progress: explore online learning platforms and create a personalised learning plan that aligns with your career goals and ambitions.

Embracing the advantages of online education is an investment in your future that starts today!

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