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PushFar provides a wealth of mentoring, coaching and learning resources, alongside our software, to help both participants and program managers to make the most of mentoring and coaching programs. On our mentoring platform we also include training videos and regularly host mentoring training webinars.
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Looking For Mentoring? Ask Yourself What You Really, Really Want

Colleague Success
You’ve found a great mentoring platform and you’re probably scanning a few profiles of who could be a suitable mentor. But before you hit that request button, take a little time to think about what you want to get out of a mentoring relationship and what you’re willing to put into it.
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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Exit Interviews: A Template for New Exit Interview Programs

Employee Exit Interview Strategies: Why conduct exit interviews, what are exit survey tools, how to make good exit interview questions. Reduce Turnover in 30 days with exit interviews.
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Positive Mentoring: 7 Vital Business Acumen Skills Needed

Working From Home
Whether one is working an entry-level job or as a top-level manager, well-developed business acumen can aid one in navigating successfully through anything that comes one’s way. Here are seven vital business acumen skills needed to thrive.
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Business Mentoring 101: What It Is and How It Can Help You Grow Your Business

Throughout this article, we will be defining business mentoring, its purpose, the benefits for both parties involved, the difference between business mentors and coaches and how you can easily find a business mentor.
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The Top 6 Tools for Improving Employee Retention

Employee Meeting
It is all well and good to make agreements and promises when hiring staff, but being able to keep to those (also ensuring as time goes on and needs change that you as an employer can accommodate those changes) is vital to keeping staff happy. In this article, we have listed some of the most important parts to think of when looking at employee retention.
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5 Powerful Reasons Why You NEED Learning and Development in Your Organisation

Woman Holding Cup
Learning and development is the secret weapon to creating the ideal workforce and workplace. That's why, throughout this article, we will be sharing 5 amazing benefits of having a solid learning and development strategy in place.
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Why Finding a Mentor is a Must After Graduating From University

Meeting Planning
Whether you're just starting in university, graduating in the next year or are fresh out of university and looking for your first job, finding a mentor is something that we truly recommend. In this article, we will be talking about the importance of mentoring for graduates, the benefits of mentoring, how to find a mentor, the expectations of your mentor and how you can be a great mentee.
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The Dos and Don'ts in the HR Industry

Man on Video Call
The unpredictable environment in which human resource management operates requires you to adapt to remain relevant. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting in the field, there are a few crucial points to remember if you want to succeed. Here are seven things every HR professional should do or avoid to stay effective and competitive in the industry.
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6 Awesome Tips for a Mentoring Programme Administrator

Woman Using Laptop
Becoming a mentoring programme administrator comes with its challenges. Throughout this article, we share the best tips and advice you need to get started with your mentoring programme.
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How to Improve Productivity in the Workplace (& the Advantages of It)

Team Meeting
High productiveness amongst employees is a great sign that your organisation is healthy, flourishing and has a great culture in place. We need to remember that the most necessary aspect of any organisation, no matter the size, is its employees. Throughout this article, we will be explaining the benefits of enhanced productivity within the workplace and our best advice to better it.
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