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PushFar provides a wealth of mentoring, coaching and learning resources, alongside our software, to help both participants and program managers to make the most of mentoring and coaching programs. On our mentoring platform we also include training videos and regularly host mentoring training webinars.
Guidelines for Mentees

Mentee Guidelines

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Guidelines for Mentors

Mentor Guidelines

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The ultimate guide to mentoring

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The benefits of mentoring

Benefits of Mentoring

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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

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Most Recent Articles

Expressing Gratitude: Thank You Letters and Messages for Your Mentor

In this article, we will be sharing why it’s important to thank your mentor, our top tips and our best thank you messages and letter examples to show your mentor you appreciate them.
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How to Elevate Your Career: Strategies and Tools for Success

In this article, we explore the strategies and tools that will help you reach new heights in your career and achieve the success you deserve.
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How to Mentor Someone Who's Starting a Business for the First Time

Video Call
The mentoring process encompasses everything from setting expectations to offering tailored advice based on individual needs. Let’s take a look at what it means to be a business mentor.
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Empowering Young Africans (18-25) Through Mentoring with The Richard George Foundation and PushFar

RGF X PushFar
Read to discover how the Richard George Foundation and PushFar have come together to make mentoring more accessible and empower young Africans.
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6 Benefits Of Online Learning During A Career Break

Home Working
Here are six great reasons why online learning during a career break could be just what you need!
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How to Mentor Coworkers in Cross-Functional Teams

Open Plan Office
In this article, we will take a quick look at some challenges cross-functional teams face in providing effective coworker mentoring, followed by some actionable tips to overcome them.
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From Good to Great: The Skills and Qualities Workplace Coaches Need

Laptop and Notebook
In this article, we will be sharing 7 essential skills and qualities an individual needs to be a successful coach in the workplace.
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Five Methods to Cut Down on Employee Turnover

Team Mentoring
Discover effective strategies to reduce employee turnover in your organisation. This blog outlines five practical methods that can help you improve employee retention, leading to increased productivity and a more stable workforce.
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Popular Interview Structure Used by Each Industry

Job Interview
In this article, we'll explain how competencies-based interviews are used in different industries and provide tips on how to effectively prepare for them.
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Promoting Growth from Within: The Benefits of Quiet Hiring

Office Enviroment
In this article, you'll discover how quiet hiring can impact employers and employees alike and what steps you should take to implement it successfully in your organisation.
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