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What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching
Let’s start with the basics. To understand executive coaching, we first need to define and understanding coaching. Fortunately, we can do that. Coaching is defined as a development process, to help improve an individual in achieving a specific goal or objective, using the ‘here and now’. This is done by raising awareness and responsibility,
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How to Start a Mentoring Program in 6 Steps

Planning a Mentoring Program
Organisations are now acknowledging the value mentoring brings to the table, and it’s no surprise that the increase in demand is due to the outcomes mentoring has on both employees and organisations. With many organisations directly looking to improve the wellness of their employees whilst ensuring increased satisfaction, implementing a mentoring program is becoming more and more compelling.
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9 Tips to Be the Best Mentor Ever

Best Mentor
Mentoring is an immensely fulfilling experience for those involved, in addition to being valuable to the mentee, it provides some fantastic advantages for the mentor. Mentoring is all about supporting an individual to grow both personally and professionally, whilst building an effective relationship that enables development and progression. Mentoring relationships aren't always the easiest things to navigate, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a pro in no time.
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9 Morning Routine Habits That Will Change Your Life

Morning Routine
We’re all looking for ways to live healthier, happier and more productive lives. We see multiple articles and stories around the routines of entrepreneurs and wonder what am I doing wrong? Well simply put, nothing. Morning routines aren't a one size fits all situation, in fact, every routine is unique and is dependent on the environment they find themselves in.
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7 Ways to Improve Internal Communications: Coping in a Pandemic Society

Internal Communication and Email
Just like in a relationship, good communication is part of what makes an organization successful. And fostering internal communications is how you build connections and strengthen relations within the workplace. Employee interactions happen every day pre-pandemic whether it is a simple greeting before heading into work or those monthly routine meetings. But since the pandemic, remote work has significantly increased, which also means human interactions have decreased. So, how do you cope?
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4 Ways to Invest in Your Success and Well-Being

Wellbeing Success
Everyone yearns for a life of success and stability. We want to be happy, healthy and wealthy, but sometimes that life can seem out of reach. The truth is, ensuring your own success and personal well-being is totally achievable if you just take the time to invest in yourself.
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8 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement
Employee engagement is a powerful way to measure the overall happiness of employees within your organisation. Creating employee engagement is all about improving workplace culture so that employees feel content and excited to work. Employee engagement is based on trust and communication, between an organisation and its employees.
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What is a Business Mentor? - The Benefits and Where to Find One

Business Mentor
Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge demand in support for business owners, with many now recognising that seeking help isn’t a sign of failure but a sign of caring about the overall success of the business. There are many different ways business owners can get the help they need, from business support groups to seeking advice online. Today, we’re going to explore business mentoring, what it means, the benefits associated with it and how you can find one.
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Developing a Notable and Upstanding Office Culture

Office Culture
Today’s professional climate is characterized by fierce competition for resources, consumer attention, and talent. This environment makes both strong performance within your company and an appealing working experience for your workforce vital to the success of your business. One of the best measures you can take to ensure both of these conditions is developing a strong office culture. However, notable company culture takes work, intentionality, and vision to create and maintain. This article will provide guidance to get you started.
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11 New Year Career Resolutions Ideas you Need to Know

New Year's Resolutions
With January 1st nearly approaching, which means it's time to commence preparing for the new year ahead. With the year coming to a close, the tradition involves making new year’s resolutions that you want to stick with throughout the year, but for many of us, we’re lucky if we stick to these resolutions until the end of February. But one thing is certain, we should have separate resolutions for our personal and professional life, although these two intertwine and often go hand in hand.
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