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PushFar provides a wealth of mentoring, coaching and learning resources, alongside our software, to help both participants and program managers to make the most of mentoring and coaching programs. On our mentoring platform we also include training videos and regularly host mentoring training webinars.
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Mentee Guidelines

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Mentor Guidelines

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The benefits of mentoring

Benefits of Mentoring

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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

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What is a CV, when do you use it and why is a CV is important?

What is a CV
The CV is often considered to be an essential tool for anyone job hunting. And once you’re in work the chances are you will still need one for stepping into new roles, climbing the career ladder and progressing. But what exactly does it do, how should it be structured and how essential is it
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Why do I want to help you with career progression and mentoring?

Career Progression Network
So, we’re building a new platform called PushFar and we have some incredibly exciting plans for it. We are a small, tight-knit, highly-efficient, driven and passionate team. And the features that the platform will include are, even though I say so myself, impressive!
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7 Essential Interview Questions to Prepare For

Job Interview Questions
Interviews can be nerve-wracking moments, you never know exactly what to expect, could it just be basic info about you or might they ask you how to put a giraffe in a fridge. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 7 questions you should be prepared for, along with a little help
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What is Professional Mentoring?

What is Professional Mentoring?
Mentoring is widely recognised as one of the most effective forms of professional career development, training, upskilling and growth. But did you know that mentoring can take a huge range of forms? Everyone has their own perception of what it is to be a mentor or to be mentored, but at PushFar we believe that mentoring is quite simple
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How Networking Events Can Help Your Career Growth

Networking Events
Ahhh, networking events. The chances are that we've thought about attending them at one stage or another in our career. Some of us have gone that step further and attended them. But are you getting what you should be out of them? Here are a few reasons why you should be attending professional networking events and how you can make the most of them
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Here's Why Every Student Needs a Mentor

Student Mentoring
As a student myself, it’s obvious while studying at university that people face all sorts of problems, the content of the course itself, the motivation to work, knowing what direction they’re heading in. These aren’t questions which are often easy to answer and knowing who to turn to can be both difficult and nerve-wracking
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How Can I Improve My Career Progression?

Improve Career Progression
Career progression. It's not always as easy as it may at first appear. On some level, every day that we spend working is progression. But we know that that's not how it always feels. The grind in your job - whether you love or hate your work - can be relentless. It's so common for students, graduates and professionals at all levels to feel despondent
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How to Find a Mentor

Find a Mentor
Mentoring is vital to professional success. Ask any senior executive, company director or entrepreneur and in all likelihood they will have a mentor guiding them. Whether you've been working for 2 months or 40 years, you're never too old (or too young) to be mentored and guided by senior professionals. While Google has
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How Can I Plan Out My Career Path?

Career Mapping
Career progression is important. And having a plan to help you with your career progression is just as important. Even though 99% of the time your career won't take the same path as your plans, having the plan can help you to focus on whats important and act as a fantastic guide for how you spend your working days. But where to begin?
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10 Tips For People Who Don't Know What To Do With Their Career

Figure Out Your Career
If you're on this page then the chances are you're rather concerned about what to do with your life. You found this because you're struggling to work out which career you want to pursue, which jobs appeal to you and how you can figure it all out. Well, rest assured that you are not alone with this problem. Every year, millions of students from around the world graduate
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