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PushFar provides a wealth of mentoring, coaching and learning resources, alongside our software, to help both participants and program managers to make the most of mentoring and coaching programs. On our mentoring platform we also include training videos and regularly host mentoring training webinars.
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The benefits of mentoring

Benefits of Mentoring

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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

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Most Recent Articles

10 Tips for People Managers To Attract Good People into your Organisation

Hiring Talent - Job Interview
In over 20 years working in the areas of people development and talent management, I have noticed several constant and reliable themes about the important role of managers which run true and consistent across industries, functions, sectors, geographies, culture, and fashionable trends
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4 Ways to be More Effective at Work

Productive People - Computer
Finding ways to be more productive and efficient at work is a skill that is highly desired by professionals all over the world. At times, particularly with the rise in remote working, it’s easy to feel that the number of tasks and the complexity of them is increasing exponentially each day
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Mentoring vs Coaching: The Key Differences and Benefits

Coaching versus Mentoring - The Differences
In March 2021, PushFar and our partners at Sheridan Resolutions jointly hosted a webinar entitled ‘Mentoring vs Coaching: What, Why & When’, aimed at looking at the key differences between mentoring and coaching, when to use both learning practices and what the key benefits are
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6 Habits of Highly Effective and Productive People

Habits of Effective People
Being productive, or “effective” consists of, primarily, achieving planned results and developing tasks in a competent and productive way. This sounds simple enough and in some regards it is. It is easy to conclude that this skill is desired by most organisations
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Improve Diversity and Inclusion with Mentoring

Diversity and Inclusion Mentoring
Mentoring is often considered as a vital and integral part to the success of diversity and inclusion employee resource groups, initiatives and focuses. In some respects, it’s obvious that it would be. By providing employees with mentors who they can relate to
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The Six W’s: What are they and How Can You Use them in Coaching?

Coaching Virtually
You may have heard of the Six W’s but then again, maybe you haven’t. Either way, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this article. The Six W’s are six words, unsurprisingly, beginning with the letter W, to help coaches and the individuals they are coaching
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PushFar and Sheridan Resolutions Announce Strategic Partnership

PushFar and Sheridan Resolutions
PushFar and Sheridan Resolutions Ltd are delighted to announce a strategic partnership to further mentoring and coaching impact through a digital platform.
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Reverse Mentoring - What is Reverse Mentoring, How Does it Work and What are the Benefits?

Reverse Mentoring
Reverse mentoring is one type of mentoring that has seen a huge increase lately. But what really is reverse mentoring, how can it help individuals and organisations, and why might you consider reverse mentoring?
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Stress Management: A Few Steps Towards Healthier Living

Coping with Stress
Nowadays, it is rare to find someone who does not have any complaints about stress. Stress is a term that has been used with increasing frequency by people distressed with traffic, family worries, economic circumstances, insecurities
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Why Senior Leaders Should Ensure Mentoring be on Their Agenda

Senior Leadership Mentoring Meeting
Mentoring is widely recognised as one of the most effective ways in which you can develop. Whether as a mentor or a mentee (someone being mentored), the benefits are far reaching and can truly help with career development, confidence building, learning new skills, networking and far more.
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